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    Kid A


      If you have access to Amazon Prime, check out Kamasi Washington Live at Apollo Theater, amazing concert film

      Mr Robot, the final Season just wrapped up


      All of King Buffalo (See other Thread :-) )

      Thurston Moore – The Spirit Counsel

      And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – X: Into the godless void and other stories (and when you’re at it, also check out their album before, IX)


      Cixin Liu: The Tri-Solaris Trilogy

      Yuval Noah Harari: Sapiens – A Brief History of Human Kind

      Stay safe, stay relaxed



        Ken Kesey: Sailor Song

        The post-catastrophe ex eco terrorist vs. the vengeful media tycoon prankster novel from the 90s, Kesey's third and just as gripping as the other two from the 60s.

        Thomas Pynchon: Against the Day


        Espers I, Espers – The Weed Tree, Espers II, Espers III (reissued after 12-15 years, just ordered the vinyls)


        Good Omens (Gaiman/Pratchett, BBC Mini Series) – oh, already mentioned above…

        The Prisoner (UK original series from the late 60s)


          And some more reading:

          Neil Gaiman – World's End (Part of the Sandman cycle). A number of strangers from quite different worlds and origin are stranded in a tavern outside the maelstrom of time and tell the tales of their lives. Just the comic book to read these days.

          Kid A

            So, if we’re talking comic books, I’d recommend the Library Editions of Hellboy. Some of the most beautiful comic books I read for years.

            And if you’re looking for some weird space opera like stuff, check out the Saga Comics by Brian K. Vaughn (adults only :twisted: )


              I like Saga. More comics:

              – My Favorite Thing Is Monsters

              – The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage: The (Mostly) True Story of the First Computer (if you are nerdy enough)


                Isaac Asimovs The Naked Sun should be a very fitting read these days.

                A murder mystery in a society where social distancing is the way of life. Everybody living in physical isolation and never meeting any other person in real life.

                boomer former helm

                  Oh yes, Isaac Asimov is a good recommendation. Just finished the "Foundation-Trilogy" recently. I would also recommend T.C. Boyle's new collection of Stories "The Relive Box and Other Stories" with at least 3 stories somehow relating to the situation right now.


                    TV series:

                    The News Room

                    3 seasons, 28ish episodes. By Aaron Sorkin. A news team determined to do the news, non biased, independentely, idealistic. Somewhat lofty writing with highly elaborated dialogues delivered by super quick witted people so it feels kind of unreal but that's a good thing. It makes for a grippingly dynamic watch. All happening in the good ol' days of around 2010 with lots of real world connections. Loved it, watched it about three times.


                      I fucken love the Sin After Sin recommendation. Priest is top of the list for me as long as we are talking about the first few records. The great thing about the SAS record is Simon Phillips' drumming. The best drummed metal album of all time. I saw them in NYC the summer of 1977 on that tour. The last time they played in silk stage costumes. Fucken excellent. Blackout in NYC that night. We got stoned and ran around in the dark after the show until we found an open record store and bought Sex Pistols 45's.

                      Anyhoo, my stay-inside recommendation is William Burroughs reading Masque of the Red Death…

                      Basil Rathbone might even be better.


                        Not sure, if this topic is still relevant, but in case it is – here is my ultimate Game recommendation: Psychonauts 2 (that was released just yesterday).

                        It's super awesome and it has a proper title for this forum :).


                          yep, just started it. It's a good one.

                          also "Death's Door", an indie gem. Combines somewhat Dark Souls and vintage Zeldas. And you play as a crow. Doesn't get better than that.


                            >> also "Death's Door", an indie gem…

                            Bought it as well after watching a trailer (not played yet). Looks like Hyper Light Drifter (personal favorite of the genre), but with graphics from Miyazaki movies.


                              Seems as good a place as any to stick this. Stuart Maconie will be playing a Motorpsycho track on Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone this Sunday at 20:00 (British Summer Time) on BBC Radio 6 Music.

                              Psychonauts might also be interested to learn that his featured album will be by Moondog.


                              I shall be listening in loneliness.


                                The United Debased, in case anyone was wondering.

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