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    The whole show is available for streaming here:

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    @Juergen: you've got mail :-)

    In regards to 2010-05-28 Cologne, I didn't check it properly: my copy is also the dhhimmisblue, with various incomplete songs.

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    I found 6 additional recordings in my collection that are not listed as 'available' in the database:

    -2006-04-27 Halden

    -2006-04-29 Copenhagen

    -2006-05-09 Biel

    -2009-10-13 Hamer

    -2010-05-28 Cologne; sound quality is rough

    -2012-03-24 Bergen; unicorn

    All recordings have the complete shows

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    @Anders, please reach out on kippenhok577 (at) gmail (dot) com, or let me know your e-mail.

    I have relistened to 24-10-2006. I was at that show too, so it brings back great memories. What is on the recording captures the vibe well. But there really are loads of glitches throughout, so maybe something can be done before circulating it. I'll send you a copy as is, and then we can see how we feel.

    I also have alternate sources for Stavanger and Bergen 10-2002. The Bergen recording is very boomy and inferior to your recording. The Stavanger recording is a bit boomy as well, but I think it compliments your recording well as there is more bass, and on quick scan through the recording it seems not to have the glitches on your recording. Both of these came directly from the taper, but he provided no linage and both are in audio TAO format.

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    Also, for 24OCT2006, Olso Rocekfeller, a recording exits. It needs some work but it is listenable. Let me know if you need it.

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    I did a bit a deep dive into Pink Floyd's 1977 tour last week. There is a somewhat frightening variety of sources, 'remasters' and matrices available, with one show having a matrix of 6! sources.

    From that experience I found that matrices can be spectacular, some are not, and for some I preferred single sources options over the matrix.

    I am also very grateful indeed for all the great mp recordings on dime,the efforts of each recorder and archivist are not to be taken lightly.

    All that said, this remains a game of personal preferences so I would also much appreciate the individual sources alongside the matrices.

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    Wasn't there a 3set show in an intimate setting in a forest in Norway last year? That's the only contender I can think of

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    Concerts visited: 31 (i think); 2000-2019


    Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Spain

    Different songs played: Many

    Song played most often: You Lied? Hogwash? Serpentine? Upstairs Downstairs?

    Song anticipated most: K9; this piece has retained all its magic since the first time I witnessed it live.

    Specials; in chronological order:

    Jam > K9 part 1> K9 jam > Upstairs Downstairs opener for my first show

    K9 at Trondheim fall 2006; the one time I was left not only speechless, but unable to speak.

    Glow > jam > Hogwash at Eindhoven 2008; the jam in that segue was out of this world

    All is Loneliness closer at Rotterdam, 2008 with a dead silent audience holding their collective breaths until Bent's vocals had been reduced to an acapella whisper to close the song

    Enjoying the show sitting on a bar stool with my feet on stage and Bent's bass towering almost directly above me in a small basement at Barcelona, 2011

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    Yes, it's Superstooge. It's a reference to German WWII Junckers planes.

    in reply to: Short interview with Bent for #38491

    It is up to every individual what they wish to see. Fact is that ordinary citizens are being bullied, arrested and beat up all over the globe for nothing more than exercising their human rights.

    Sooner or later everyone will face the question of whether violence to their own people is acceptable behavior from the powers that be. Let's hope the exposure of the repeating atrocities helps to reach the masses and ensures that question lingers far from our collective minds.

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    What are the other 5star K9?

    One of mine would be Trondheim 22/10/2006.

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    It's interesting how you mention a Unicorn show. I had a similar experience with Gullable's at the Utrecht Unicorn show. Also somewhat tiring, and also not the best sound.

    The Unicorn only made sense to me after the Oslo Opera experience.

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    The uploaded doesn't give a date, so my guess is as good as anybody's. I just put it here since it s the most active discussion on the past weekend's gigs.

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    in reply to: 3 hours: A challenge #37292

    I'll play. That 2nd unscheduled encore takes it just over the 3 hours :-)

    1. K9 (35) –>

    2. Manmower (10)

    3. LTEC (15)

    4. All is Loneliness (10) –>

    5. Cornucopia > The Other One > Cornucopia (10)

    6. Neanderthal (acoustic) (5)

    7. Malibu (acoustic) (5)

    8. Pills, Powders, Passionplays (10)

    9. Close Yr Eyes (short version) (5)

    10. Mad Sun (5)

    11. Psychotzar (10)

    12. Psychonaut > Blueberry Daydream > I Can see for Miles > You Shouldn’t Do that > Within You Without You > Halleluwah > Pyschonaut (slight return) (20) –>

    13. Starhammer (20)

    14. Lighthouse Girl (10)

    15. Vortex Surfer (10)

    16. Feel (5)

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