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  • in reply to: New Motorpsycho box sets from Rune grammofon #40379

    Don't care that much about Lobotomizer and Soothe, so I'll skip that one. Vol 2 looks pretty cool tho! Missed out on the Demon Box vinyl reissue and even that version now sells for almost as much as the whole box.

    in reply to: 2022-05-07 Nijmegen, Sonic Whip #39849

    Was great seeing the boys again! I think it's also the first time I could properly hear all Reine's contribution and they were great too! Still don't care for The Crucible that much, but no complaints other than that. The Magpie and the Cosmoctopus was a lot of fun live and The Wheel was an incredible ending indeed.

    The show went down pretty good with the festival crowd. Had some friends with me and they were having a great time as well. Can't make it to Groningen tonight unfortunately, so I'm hoping they save the NOX for Amsterdam :D

    in reply to: Motorpsycho live 2022 #39249
    I suggest they come to Groningen after Nijmegen :-)

    I mean: come on, skipping their (second) favourite club in the Netherlands?

    Poor Effenaar = ( Only got two shows since I moved to Eindhoven =p A Tivoli-show would also be great tho!

    in reply to: Kingdom of Oblivion – reviews #38676
    There are a couple more though. Thinking of 'The Daily Doug', 'Key of Geebz' and 'Lost in Vegas'.

    Haha yes, Lost In Vegas is the only reaction channel I can really stand. Might also just be only channel where they actually don't like every song they hear =p

    in reply to: An evening with(out) Motorpsycho #39579

    Count me in! :cheers:

    in reply to: Motorpsycho live 2022 #39202

    Think I might already have tickets for this one!

    in reply to: Motorpsycho live 2022 #39191

    Haha, was already thinking "didn't Hypnos 69 break up a few years ago?". Ufomammut is pretty cool as well, so that's quite a lineup!

    in reply to: 2021-10-15 Antwerp, Desertfest, Trix #39127

    The overlap with Electric Moon is a shame tho!

    in reply to: 07-08-2021 Ringnes, Skotbu #38994

    Saturday's second set was played on Thursday and Friday, so AA en Azrael were already performed by Saturday and thus could be completely new songs as well!

    in reply to: Roadwork release dates #38861

    Also wouldn't mind a Vol. 4.5, there should be some really cool stuff in the vaults from that Kenneth/Fiske era (Uberpilgrim! Here Be Monsters! The complete Hell-thing!)

    in reply to: Short interview with Bent for #38376

    Hehe, yeah couldn't help myself there. No further comments on the Bill Gates plan. Haven't read into it and I'm not an expert in geoengineering yet.

    Nothing much to add on the whole Covid-discussing here either, except that I've seen from way closer than I would've hoped what kind of damage the virus can do to a healthy young person. A fine immune system is great and all, until you're still not close to being fully recovered a year after infection.

    in reply to: Short interview with Bent for #38374

    On a related note, but more on topic, since it involves aerosol vaccines:

    "NASA Admits Spraying Skies"

    NASA Admits Spraying Skies

    Since you can no longer call these 'conspiracy theories', the next stage is to tell me it's all perfectly OK – there's nothing to worry about. Good luck!

    Viral NASA story gets science wrong

    It's all perfectly OK, there's nothing to worry about.

    in reply to: New Music #34825

    Coolest and most exciting debut album I've heard in ages: Black Country, New Road – For The First Time

    Some weird mix of post punk, post rock, some jazz and some klezmer thrown in their for the hell of it. I'm hearing Slint, Steve Reich, Swans and lot's of other stuff. But oh boy, I'm having fun with this record!

    in reply to: The All Is One #37445

    I'm already more pleased with this song than with 2/3rd of the Crucible, a promising start!

    Hoping that the whole N.O.X.-suite will be more experimental than The Crucible title track, which for the most parts sounds way too much like 'traditional prog' for my taste.

    in reply to: Motorpsycho DB #36624

    User accounts with the option to select which concerts you've been to would be awesome! Then you would be able to see which songs you've already seen etc. (similair to

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