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      Found an interesting piece of info over at Kulturdirektoratet’s homepage

      I 2024 opnar Gulatingsfestivalen 2024 på Tusenårsstaden Gulatinget, en monumental park av skulptør Bård Breivik. Festivalen blir en tverrfagleg fag- og kulturfestival med fokus på juridiske og demokratiske problemstillingar. Vi inviterer bandet Motorpsycho, scenekunstkompaniet De Utvalgte og koreograf Kristin Helgebostad, til å utarbeide eit større bestillingsverk. Sammen vil de utarbeide et helhetskunstverk der det teatrale, filmatiske og musikalske inngår i en sømløs kunstnerisk helhet. Tema for festivalen vil vere folkestyre, tillit og fred. Festivalen vil belyse temaet med en rekke arrangement over 4 dager som kulminerer med denne forestillingen. Forestillingen vil kretse om de stemmeløses rettigheter i fortid, nåtid og fremtid.

      They received a grant of 200.000 NOK for this commissioned piece, so looks like it’s on :yahoo: Festival takes place September next year.

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        I had a similar problem. I ordered it, and chose to physically collect at the store. A few days after release date, and still no notification of it being ready for pick-up. Got an e-mail saying it had been sent in the mail.

        Nearly 2 weeks later got an e-mail saying it was ready for picking up at the store. Must’ve been laying in a dark dusty corner of the shop :wacko: First time ever I had a delay with MP related orders, so it was probably due :P

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          Btw, it’s confirmed on Tons of Rock homepage that
          MP plays Wednesday 26/6. Same day as Black Debbath and Metallica :wacko:

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            But do they count the songs that only had music videos, but no single releases?

            If so, then songs like these are possible as well:
            Have Fun
            Nothing To Say
            Sheer Profoundity
            Another Ugly Tune
            Now It’s Time To Skate
            High Time
            On A Plate
            Hell Pt.7

            And Hyena, In Our Tree, The Same Old Rock, The Waning and Patterns are singles as well.

            And if we really wanna get technical, all of the Motorpnakotic Manuscripts were singles as well :wacko:

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              Looking at the list, it is possible for MP to cheat a bit (the 3 singles containing the entirety of AADAP come to mind :yahoo: )

              But honestly, being one of the least nostalgic bands ever, I think they deserve to cash in on doing a “greatest hits” set. As long as they do it properly and don’t half-ass it.

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                In my mailbox too today.

                Not exactly a big book (only approx. 140 pages), but it’ll probably be a nifty little read :-)

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                  Quote from the Alta Live homepage:

                  – For første gang har Motorpsycho bestemt seg for å skreddersy et karriereomfavnende festivalsett bestående utelukkende av låter som har vært utgitt som singler.

                  Something similar written on the Tons of Rock homepage.
                  So hits galore, it is :stg:

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                    Damn that looks like the most jam-heavy set of the tour so far. Except the acoustic set, nearly all 10min+ freakouts :yahoo:

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                      Holy shit, this is easily the best setlist of the tour so far :-)

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                        I don’t mind a cover or two in the setlist. Especially if they do something interesting with it than just “planking” it. The Pilgrim is a good example of a cover developing into sprawling jams.

                        But they are usually very good at diversifying that stuff.
                        Example: This year’s Rockefeller gig had 4 covers. While last year’s Oslo gig at Sentrum Scene had 0 . So it fluctuates :-)

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                          Setlist, courtesy of MP’s Facebook account:

                          real again
                          mad sun
                          dank state
                          feel (Reine on mellotron)

                          chariot of the sun
                          the promise
                          the tower
                          united debased

                          hotel daedalus (reine on mellotron)
                          uberpilgrim (reine on guitar)
                          rock bottom (reine on guitar)

                          in reply to: 09.09.2023 NO Oslo – Rockefeller #41703

                            Concert was a bit of a mixed bag for me. The smooth and seamless transition from Cold & Bored to Whip That Ghost was worth the price of admission alone :mp:
                            Some songs worked very well with Olaf on drums, while some did not…

                            As usual the heroes are LarsM & Spacebandit who has uploaded the auditory evidence on Dime. You guys forever rule! :-)

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                              And regarding Black As Night, could it be this one?

                              Frost – Black As Night

                              in reply to: 02.09.2023 – Festiviteten, Hamar #41667

                                All Tomorrow’s Parties by Velvet Underground

                                in reply to: Motorpsycho live 2023 #41637

                                  Saw Instagram snippets of Mad Sun, Spin Spin Spin, Sideway Spiral I and On My Pillow. So that’s promising :mp:

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