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      Thanks Francesco for the setlist, it was very nice to have met you yesterday after the gig with Federica and Marco, we’re getting old and it’s nice to see guys like you travelling around like we did 20 years ago.

      Some random points:
      Bent and Snah seemed to have a bit of trouble with their voices, a bit ill perhaps. They looked very tired at the end of the gig but they managed to do a great ending.
      It was a different show compared to the last tours. Less hard-prog, even less up-tempo and more a jamming 70s-90s mood. Probably Ingvald style is involved in this, I was particulary impressed by his performance, he has a loose an more jamming style compared to Thomas and it fits very well. He made a couple of minor errors but nothing dramatic of course.
      Like Chrome (IMO sloppy song even if in a good live rendition)
      August (incredible interplay between Ingvald and Snah but all in all very confused)
      Sentinels (much better live than on the album),
      Superstooge (both guys on guitars, never seen Bent on guitar in this song)
      Gullible’s Travails (with a shor portion with Ingvald lead singer)
      Mona Lisa/Azrael (the surprise of the setlist. Bent asking quiteness before the song, great rendition that didn’t suffered beeing the first appearance in the tour).

      The Santeria was a very nice venue for the band, slithly bigger than Bloom but way smaller that Live Club in Trezzo where they played the last years. Having a smaller room and a smaller stage with a dedicated sold out audience helped a lot finding the right atmosphere. I was in the center front (3-4th line) and the sound was very good even with the drum a little to much loud in the mix.

      rock on psychonauts and good luck for the end of the tour, I hope you’ll enjoy the band as much as I did yesterday.

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        I’ve read that the concert is sold out since yeasterday

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          I agree, according to my taste, by far the best setlist of the entire tour. The awesome Manmower is back.

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            It looks like a very hard rocking setlit. Very nice encore choise with the soperstoof-hogwash combo.

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              My band, a stoner-duo

              here you can find the album "il torrente che guadi" in free download


              and our videos

              i vivi

              mondo I

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                LLM – I always get the impression of confusion in this suite,

                haha, isn't that its point, though…?"

                yes, of course :-) I was even wearing the LLM t-shit with the "s" fallen down too

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                  Given the fact that good old Marco BronYAur is really getting old and hasn't posted his review yet, I write a few lines too.

                  Opening note:

                  I hate to be argumentative after such a great concert but I find it a bit unfair that the band started playing at 20.30 when the ticket indicated 21.00 as starting. I don't know if the fault lies with the band or the organization but I've lost the first two songs :-(

                  It was a very heavy-rocking jamming mood concert, very compact and solid setlist.

                  Some comments about each song I've seen

                  LLM – very powerful and energetic but I always get the impression of confusion in this suite, even the sound was not yet at its best

                  Cloudwalker – IMO on paper the weakest song, they improved it with a long jamming middle part

                  A Pacific Sonata – Great second half, they started to kick in

                  The Magpie – nice song! nice rendition live, maybe it would have been perfect later in the set in between the rocking part

                  Kingdom Of Oblivion – what a STONE the live version of this track, very nicely fitting in the setlist of an heavy gig

                  STG – maybe it has been the point when the magic started, the final rendition similar to the studio version was one of the highlight of the entire concert

                  Hey, Jane – surprise n°1! nice even if in a sort of rehearsal fragile version. It's a very difficoult track for new drummers, I remember many errors back in 2006 in Milano on this track by Jacco. In particular Thomas played it resonably well but not in the best possible way

                  No Evil – surprise n°2! another great great rocker, straight and heavy

                  Whole Lotta Diana – Diana surprised me, incredible performance by Thomas with a long solo before the ending part. Long version with great fast jamming

                  The Wheel – I was waiting for a compleate version of The Wheel since Milano Binariozero back in 2000, what a stone. I don't think it's physically possible to create a stronger and wall of sound with such an emotionally intense sonic punch. Maybe the Live Club with its powerfull sound system was the perfect place to perform this sonic assalt, maybe they gave 110% but it was one of the highest moment ever in more than 40-50(?) MP concerts I've attended. No way to play anything else after this, perfect main set ender.

                  Fools Gold – After the wheel I was expecting an acoustic encore but they gave us another great ender from the 90's

                  It was my first real concert in three years of covid-19 period and it's always great to see MP back on tour and in great mood-shape. They have played with a lot of energy in a very nice club with great sound and great audicence, although I must sadly point out that the audience was less numerous than usual yesterday at Live.

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                    I'm the camera operator of the Berlino show. The video was then edited by Ingo Seufer that mixed my video with a better audio source. He is now editing the credits of the video and so on.

                    Back in fall 2001 I was following the band from Italy to Germany and back and the Berlino show was an absolute highlight, a huge 70' fest! The audience was incredibily "hot".

                    From that tour I have also filmed the Treviso (9/10/2001) and Bielefeld (17/10/2001) shows. After almost 20 years I still have the miniDV original cassette here to be transferred and edited so if someone is interested I can send them.

                    to traktorbass: yes, in that tour trapdoor was always played like that, I loved that version

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                      From this video there was a full Wheel (18m) and then they turned back to lacuna/sunrise


                      simply amazing, that was I was looking for at the Milano show, I miss the wheel.

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                        I've attended the show with Marco and met Teo and the legenday Øystein Winsnes after the show (one of the best things of the night). I enjoied the concert even if a little too much on the heavy-prog-jamming side for my taste (I prefer the 90's noise era).

                        I was particularly impressed by The Crucible, the noisy part in the middle of the song was the absolute highlight for me.

                        We discussed a lot about Reine's contribution to the band. Marco summerized it perfectly.

                        It is not our intent to be offensive, often joking at the end of the concert there is a tendency to exaggerate opinions. I don't discuss the technical part, I am much more instinctive in the judgment and probably also weighs the way of being on Reine's stage, which often gives the impression of being there by chance and never "inside" the band and inside the concert. A negative example in this sense is the first part of the Lacuna-Sunrise jam where you could clearly see Snah completely in his own world and Bent who seemed to guide Reine step by step on the right tones. The resulting feeling is that of attending a test in the garage rather than a performance where everyone provides their contribution at 100%. From this point of view the attitude on the stage of Lo in the last tour was of a completely different level.

                        All in all, considering the concerts in Milano in the last, to say, 10 years, In my opinion the two weakest have been this and the 2014 one (both with Reine).

                        The best one was probably the 2016 at Magnolia club where they palyed as a trio pushing out this incredibile setlist with a great performance

                        Big Black Dog (19') —>

                        Un Chien d'Espace (22')

                        Sleepwalking / Lacuna Sunrise (12')

                        12' of "The Rock Hits": Forget it / On the Plate / Vanishing Point

                        Feel (5')

                        Blueberry Daydream (7')

                        Running with Scissors –> I.M.S. –> Spin Spin Spin (25')

                        Arne H. (18')

                        WEARING YOUR SMELL


                        Junior –>


                        Here Be Monsters (22')

                        …perhaps they do not have an absolute need for a fourth element


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                          The comments confirm in a way what I'm thinking from some time: the new songs are much more complex from a compositional standpoint and are not bad, but despite this sort of "compositive refinement" all in all the good old 2 chords THE WHEEL is still on another planet!

                          I know it it impossibile but I hope they can go back to the simple and massif song concepts at some point.

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                            I attended the MP concert at Bizarre festival in 2002, I agree with mefisto that it was one of the worst. However, the day before in Cologne was much better, a really great concert.

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                              End of Vortex Surfer from the first row


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                                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994