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    Oh, in this case i've perfectly understood who he is! Never had a clue that he was the guy from Sunn o)))

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    when you say "guitar & amp tech", you mean that he follows the band in tour?

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    @kippenhok –> thanks, I had no clue that they made a trio with Jakko ever. But Oyafestival is definitely with Oyvind, as stated by the video on youtube.

    @ThorEgil –> So, now, the embarassing question: who is Tos? :D

    I'll update as soon as I have time, thanks!

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    Check out the song history of the song "Tweezer", which is Phish's "K9" and tell me that you want something like this:

    Lol Alex, "jam charts" are one of my favourite readings! :)

    Actually, I can make huge use of youtube + headphones at work, and this allows me to listen to ALL the Phish concerts, loaded on the tube by the mighty "fromtheaquarium" account. Every single concert from 1990, and a big number from the eighties! Listening to them all is some experience! I'm currently listening to Paradiso, Amsterdam, 1997. A place that someone here should know, and also one of their most famous concerts… And while I curse them for NEVER EVER AGAIN touring Europe since 1998, I have to admire the level of cult they drained from their super-geeky phans! We're talking about a fanbase of tens of thousands who NEVER talk about their studio albums, but only refers to the band's repertoire exposing their thoughts on the single live version! They don't talk about the "David Bowie" song back in the days, but specifically of the "Providence Bowie" of 12-29-94 as opposed to the "Atlanta Bowie" of 10-15-94. This is a level of depths that even the most MP fanatics of us are not reaching.

    Phish DataBase is a rich work on a complex platform. Phishheads in the States are rich enough to sustain very expensive concerts AND to contribute the net platforms on a voluntary basis. I have no idea of the technical issue to run a database as accurate as that one, not mentioning the relative lack of live documents to correctly annotate the setlists.

    But if anyone has the time, the will and the technical skills, I'm in for some data entry!

    Oh, by the way… I never connected to the fact that YOU are Alex! :DDD

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    "the Arvika Festival gig 1996-07-19 is listed on this old site but can't be found at dampsaba."

    Somehow, I have this gig in my stats. Only, I don't know the location of this Festival! Anyone can help?

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    @Jurgen – Yeah, I remember those "setlist not available" thing on the original Bob leBad's file! But I couldn't find them anymore, so I thought I imagined that… Thanks for popping them out, I'm going to update my file, even though it's a pity we have no stlists :)

    My file includes the Berlin KOB show and its setlist, so it is in my count… Maybe something else is missing in my file.

    My file is an excel file crossing gig dates and songs. It includes 405 different songs, but it lacks of Tussler stuff, which I consider a different band's stuff!

    Of course I'm interested in your word file! I need as more sources as possible to complete my hard job! I'm going to email you in a minute :)

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    I did checked, and I did spread! :)

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    @TAF –> So YOU are the one I have to thank as a main source of this job I just did!

    I actually used for most of the work, but I also checked the old DAMPSABA thing for the old times, AND my previous not-so-updated database that took info directly from this forum as soon as setlists popped up.

    Unfortunately, the system is not the best to annotate all the variations on songs, the "medleys" and the peculiar versions and episodes from single concerts.

    The best model would be, in my opinion, the model used for Phish concerts, which have some similarities in managing the setlists (though the sources for Phish are monstrously more accurate, since every single concert is recorded and spread on the net, and every single setlist is reported without any error).

    If I'm not wrong, Alex "Kisshermind" Schulze opened a site trying to report MP's concerts and setlists exactly in that way… But, alas, I don't remember the name of the site, nor if it's still alive… Maybe, Alex himself could help us!

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    "And only 9 shows in 2007 after they had been "back to normal" in 2006? What was wrong there?"

    "wasn't that the year inbetween jacco and kenneth?"

    I'm not entirely sure abut that. In october 2006 there's a norse tour where they debuted the song Child of the Future, but nothing from Little Lucid Moments yet… was it still with Jakko?

    Anyway, 2007 is even worse than it seems: 6 of the 9 concerts were summer festivals with reduced setlists :D

    I think that was exactly the time when they were training Kenneth on their catalogue!

    Talking about "who was playing when", there's an info that I've lost in memories and destroyed notes… maybe you can help me: I'd like to recollect ALL THE BAND'S FORMATIONS since the night of times: which tours were with Deathprod? And with Killer on drums? And Reine? Baard? Lo? Which tour they played in a 5-member formation? Etc etc…

    Could anyone help on this? Would be great for me, and then I could provide some new geeky stats! :P

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    @Johnny_Heartfield: Yeah, aggregations in Germany would be maybe a bit hazardous. For what concerns Milan neighbours, Bloom and Live Club (14 gigs together) are 10km one from the other, and not more than 30 from Milan. Actually, both the town are unknown to anyone in Milan (and the world!) who don't go to Bloom and Live Club to see concerts or play! So, well, it would easily add up to the 5 concerts downtown (none of which was really memorable, to be honest!), AND to the one in Magnolia, which is actually on the BORDER of Milano county!

    About Rimini, well, Velvet was really a great venue, especially in spring/summer when you could take advantage of the lawn behind the venue, even with an artificial lake for fishing! I know the guys loved this place, and I remember sharing with the band some great moments back in 2000, long chats with Geb and some weeds with Bent and Baard for the latter's birthday…

    I'm quite sure that the band wanted to include Velvet as often as possible in their tours. Unfortunately, Velvet closed its activity some ten years ago…

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    Bernie, for those of us who cannot tour around with MP anymore because of work, age, family or whatever, well, you're a HERO! :)

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    Even though they made an exception with Un Chien d'Espace, I hope they'll keep their tradition of not repeating songs in their roadworks… This would exclude Hogwash from Heartfield's list…

    My possible list for a more modest 2LP could be:


    The Jig is Up







    Song for a Bro

    Fools Gold

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    He was not, or we'd know that! He opened MP concert last spring when they played Livorno (near Firenze).

    But of course the fact that he lives in Firenze was the reason of Bent's joke

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    "Hakon Gebhardt on the other guitar! …Hakon Gebhardt on the Drums! …My name is Hakon Gebhardt!" :D :D :D

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    No Evil > Hey Jane is a classic from the past!

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