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    The first album is sold. II and III are still here, as well as Empty Rooms and the split 7".

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    Into Tomorrow 7" is sold.

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    Maybe I should add that I am living in Germany. Shipping to Norge would be around 260 Nok for the 7" and about 350 nok for the LPs.

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    Hmm, If you paid 1000 for the first Stones 7" signed by Marilyn Monroe, you'd definitely been cheated…or the seller would have had a time machine ;-) Seriously, I think you're quite right, supernaut. You can't release limited stuff without taking the risk of people hoarding for their own benefit of selling at high prices…that's why I don't like Record Store Day anymore…

    on topic: I can't wait to hold the manuscipts in my hand…anticipation!

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    Record Collector is the mag to read ;-) but I like Uncut and Mojo, too.

    I've seen them the day before yesterday at Wiesbaden…as one of nine paying visitors. Despite the poor attendance, Kenneth and Stig really thrashed it out. I quite enjoyed their 50-minute-set…it reminded me of Carcass, the combination of grunts and screams. I couldn't figure out too much that resembled a tune or a melody, even the riffs were hard to grasp. But lots of energy, and some real spaced out guitar parts, thanks to a battery of fx pedals. Stig was in some kind of Hendrix/Page-mode, at times playing the guitar with a violin bow and rubbing it against the columns (or pillars) of the room…

    and Kenneth would have made for a decent Death Metal shouter!

    well – I'd go and see them another time!

    I'm going to Wiesbaden, where they play on November 2nd. Anyone else?

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    thank you very much for the recordings, fellows!

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    @anders: you’re absolutely right, they didn’t play WBAT, regretfully! thanks for the setlist!

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    Bent and Snah shared the vocals of the Rainbow-song. And your vision is right, many “manu cornutos” during that one, including Bent. What a great song! I didn’t know it at all, but I’m gonna get it qucikly.

    After the very plush Gloria at Cologne (great venue, btw!!), the location at Heidelberg was totally different. While Gloria is situated in a very posh shopping area in downtown Cologne, Halle 02 was a strictly non-glamour super-tiny former cargo hall near the train station, with a a very shabby bordel only 50m away. But Halle 02 is great! I guess maximum capacity of about 350-400. Unfortunately, a bit too much talking during the quiet passages. But in general, vibe and atmosphere of the crowd were nice.

    The sound was crystal clear, at least at the beginning. It seems they get louder during the gigs, which I don’t really understand why. Anyway, great concert again. The jam during Manmower drifted away very much from the original song, and Bent remarked aferwards “Huh, this almost became something else” – indeed it sounded very much like Starhammer :) The jamming was fantastic. I especially enjoyed The Alchemist, brilliant version on this tour. I think the beginning of the show had a real strong metal/Sabbath-vibe, but it became more spacy and mellow later.

    The changes compared to Cologne in the setlist made me really happy – A Shrug and A Fistful was just perfect, Like Always too. A bit too much CotF for my taste, but the Blissard-tracks made more than up for that. And GT is another classic! I’m really glad to get that one twice in a row as last encore :)

    The singing was very good, probably the best I’ve heard from them! (but it was only my 6th concert).

    Well, after these two concerts I’m seriously considering going to Hamburg and/or Leipzig…

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    oh, and I didn’t even mention the very nice package! the cover isn’t exactly what I’d call beautiful, but it fits the atmosphere of the record. the multifold, etched vinyl packaging is awesome, especially if you consider the price. Also, it’s lovely the way the vinyl version and the CD differ on some tracks.

    btw, HMF is, as was LLM, an album in favor of the CD (although I normally prefer listening to vinyl for some reasons), because the flow of the 60 minutes is ever so perfect.

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    @TAF: hehe, concerning W.B.A.T. and X-3 I had exactly the same thoughts. The resemblance of the National Acrobat riff is really striking. Kenneth’s drumming has at times quite some Bill Ward-feel to it, too (e.g. in Bomb-proof roll). It’s kind of funny for me, because I underwent a heavy Black Sabbath-phase recently myself, apparently MP did the same when they wrote and recorded HMF :-)

    On COTF already, I thought quite some parts sounded like BS, and reference-song titles like Cornucopia or The Ozzylot seemed to prove that. And when COTF was rather Master of Reality/Vol.4 style, it’s Sabbath Bloody Sabbath now.

    the space part of X-3 really reminds me of some of Györgi Ligety’s stuff, like his parts on the 2001 soundtrack where I encountered him for the first time (as probably many of us, I guess).

    about HMF as a whole: I really like it very, very much, I’m pretty close to say I LOVE IT , and I spend a lot of time listening to it. I thought LLM was really strong, but HMF is even better. No need to go into song-by-song-detail here for me, because the record is so full everything, it’s really brilliant in so many aspects: fantastic riffs and melodies, interesting rhythms, many moods and paces, great instrumental performance, really good vocals (and I haven’t even paid attention to most of the lyrics yet, but I bet they must be bloody clever, too! ;-)).

    The production is probably one of their most elaborate ever, compared to the other albums after Geb left HMF sounds almost slick (but still raw enough, don’t get me wrong!) It sounds really first class.

    It won’t be easy to play these songs as similar to the studio versions as possibel (speaking of many layers), yet I’m absolutely freaking out on the prospect of hearing the new material live. I’m totally convinced, on stage the new songs will be total killers!

    Sorry for the long post, euphoria has taken over me (and was listening to HMF while I wrote this)

    Thank you, Bent, Snah and Kenneth! Thank you once again! :-)

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