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    isn't this on the THIS IS MOTORPSYCHO video / HAIRCUTS DVD (subtitled)?

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    thanks a lot for the scans

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    wonderful, thanks a ton!

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    in reply to: The Motorpnakotic Manuscripts #26429
    Really nice interview with both the band and Gebhardt. Good read.

    could someone scan that, please?

    in reply to: Blissard book by Johan Harstad #23084

    i have to say i'm not impressed with this book.

    it does rather eloquently articulate the feelings, moods and attitudes associated with the 'motorpsycho fever' that many of its readers will have caught at some point in their life. and it contains some very useful information on the history of the band and the conditions under which blissard was conceived and recorded.

    these are fine achievements. but neither of them justify the enormous self-indulgence of using the majority of the book for endless digressions which have nothing to do with the band or their album, and everything to do with the author's navel. not to mention the egregious volume of mostly unreadable footnotes. for some, this may serve as some 'funny' ode to the obsessiveness of many fans, but for the rest of us, it's a waste of paper.

    i also find it baffling that there is no mention of this very website, which huge amounts of data (especially in the footnotes) are obviously lifted from. unless i missed it skipping another page of pointless digression…

    great cover design though, and hopefully an inspiration for a 'real' biography.

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    anyone else who invested but didn't receive the hardback yet?

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    the discs are gone – maybe someone could lock or remove the topic, thanks.

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    right – these are all circulating recordings.

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    sorry to the other interested parties but a bunch of people had already replied through email and one of them will probably get the discs. if not, i'll let you know :-)

    in reply to: Timothy’s Moster 4CD-Box (2010 Re-Release) #17892

    good news: the article kjellepelle posted confirms there will be more mp-reissues. even though none are planned as of yet, and kristoffersen stresses the band does not own the rights to the pre-timothy albums.

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    hei knut :-)

    the stuff is gone.

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