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    bought my copy today. but the shop got it yesterday already :?

    the sound is great i think – not so noisy. the bass on “riding the tiger” reminds my of some melody from RWII. but i only listend to the album 1 1/2 times so i can´t say much.

    but im dissapointed by the cover…! whats so special about it? two holes an the printing inside the sleeve wich you can´t see anyway? :? the artwork itself isn´t my favorite as well….

    “…but that´s ok. it doesn´t matter anyway…”

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    wow, that´s cool…. :-)


    in reply to: COTF artwork #12662

    ah…interesting! cold colors again…. but what´s so special about the cover? it must be on the inside?

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    oh…it´s “greener”!! :D

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    and i hoped to have it for my birthday but…. :?

    This special sleeve has to be something extraordenary. I guess it is worth the wait.

    it MUST be worth the wait. maybe an pop-up cover….or….? that would be cool!

    i demand colored vinyl, too! :D

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    yeah, you too…. :MPD:

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    i don´t like Geb´s songs. except one: “when you´re dead” that one is great!…the rest are “skip”-songs. always!

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    it´s so hard ….but…


    in reply to: Worst and most overrated album. #12203

    worst: “love cult” for sure.

    overrated: that´s hard to say but if any album at all than it must be “trust us”. not because it is a bad album (wihch it isn´t at all) but because it isn´t better than AADAP, blissard, TM, BHBC…and man people hyped that album so for me it´s overrated.

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    oh no…. :cry:

    the forum must have a more motorpsychedelic look!! :-) the logo or MP type.

    or at least some color change…

    wow, really great news!

    …another MP year! :cheers: :MPD:

    18….a fucking vinyl-machine

    haha…..but you won´t regret! :-)

    well, my first cd was the good, old blissard (in ´96) which still is my favorite….i would say.

    after that i bought TM and DB. what came next? can´t remember…nerve tattoo, mountain, ugly…

    now i own every offical cd and ep (no promos…) release and some 7″ and some lp´s.

    AADAP i own the cd, the lp, the box AND the limited austr.version inc. blissard. :D

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    “so why not do like other bands like spoon, sunset rubdown etc…”

    1. maybe they just wanted to make it “oldschool”! :D


    i think everybody here is aware that everybody can find the album one day somewhere in the internet. flac mp3, whatever. so do not worry so much



    stop whining and buy a bloody record player on the flea market.

    it´s not that difficult.

    in reply to: New album! #11649

    jippie!!! great news!!! now the summer can come…..!! :MPD:

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