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      oh that sounds truely fantastic.

      thanks, alex for the nice report.

      during reading it, I had the feeling that I was there. :-)

      wondering what we can expect tonight.

      sorry be, but I hope for another space pot jam night. :MPD:


      GREAT review Alex! I almost felt like being there when reading it. It must have been almost a religious experience for any Psychonaut by the sound of it. The thing about Motorpsycho is that they also can play a concert like this with a completely different setlist. Thank you Motorpsycho for pushing on and performing better than ever!!!



        Thanks for a very well-written review Alex!

        boomer former helm

          i was not sure if i write about it or not, but i decided to do so. there was a very bad situation during golden core. a friend of mine did something very stupid, he started singing at the buildup part very wrong and enthusiastic. he was drunk like hell and happy. we forced him to quit, because it was annoying for everybody and he did after a while.

          what was shocking was bents reaction. first kenneth showed the middle finger, which is quiet ok for such stupid acting, but bent spit a large load right on his head, into the audience. and that was so shocking, because it is the worst i could imagine, to spit on someone. so, of course bent was pissed, me too, and i guess it was more or less a panic reaction because he had to play and sing and to be in the mood to lift that song from very deep down to the high level. but somehow i can not come over to think that he missed a little humour or coolness to overcome the situation. there are so many ways of acting, even calling him an asshole or something would be ok. (edited due to personal request) no idea what to think.


            Bent’s a human being, too.

            It can annoy the musician if it happens again and again after years and years on stage. Your friend ended up as the unlucky guy in a bad situation gone out of hand. Roger Waters wrote The Wall after a very same incident, being shocked about himself. Nerves, tension, momentary mood, whatever. Better not to think too much of it.


              I am very in favour of silencing stupid screamers and they annoy me like hell. (I have a Placebo recording that is almost ruined by stupid moron teenage girls screaming their lungs out.)


              Being an “artist” shouldn’t allow you to be an asshole. So somebody is screaming while you are singing? You are annoyed during ONE song at ONE evening (even it’s The Golden Core)? What the Fu**? Tell him to shut up, make fun of him, whatever, but to spit into the audience….? After all it’s just music and not brain surgery. Very weak and unsympathic!


              Spitting on the audience – How punk!


                do you remember that show several years ago where they had broken up a song (maybe walking on the water or another) due to some people climbing the stage and jumping down? at that time bent said “stop that stagediving-bullshit. let’s grow up now.

                maybe leipzig is the place for strange bent-reactions due to a special leipzig-type of audience action ;-)

                boomer former helm

                  thinking about it twice it was the heat of the moment i would say, but disappointing a bit. but all is emotional about this band. i heared other reactions like: he’s done that right, he should have left the stage and beat this motherf**er too. you are right supernaut, don’t think too much about it. i still love the band and always will. 8)


                    i found it really pleasing, that the audience was respectful and appreciative throughout the whole set. a pretty rare thing nowadays. anyway, it’s like a natural law: there is always the obligatory annoying guy ;-) personally, i didn’t mind bent’s reaction. of course there had been better ways of dealing with it, but who cares. i’m sure this guy had the time of his life, but if that means being disrespectful towards the band and hundreds of people paying attention, then he shouldn’t complain about a little saliva!

                    boomer former helm

                      of course. but he doesn’t complain. just me, his friend and mp lover since ages. thats all.


                      If someone behaves like a Llama he should be kept at the zoo !

                      … seems the trip comes to an end .


                        This is all just very dissapointing to read for me, being a long time fan, over 15 years now and having seen them live on more than 25 occasions. I mean, it’s not that i’m a fan of the person Bent, i’m a fan of the music he makes, but still, you know what I mean I guess.

                        I also think Bent should be careful with this kind of behaviour. I’m not making a threat or anything at all, and if this would happen to me I would be too shocked to react in any way. But I think it’s not unlikely that next time he will get a beating. I mean, this is just something you don’t do. Spitting at someone is just so aggressive, demeaning and I think it’s just as bad as hitting someone.. So, this sucks, really.

                        Damn. He could have just said ‘you fucking idiot, shut the fuck up’. You know. There are rules I think. No spitting.


                          damn childish reaction by bent. believe it or not: i got spat on by sid vicious in 1977, but then of course everyone had been spitting at him first ;)



                            Ha, spat on by The Sid is quite cultish now, no? Time will tell about the Bent incident. :P

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