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    Norway 2006 BH/BC short tour was 3-piece line-up with Jacco; Oyvind was only a guest on K9 in Trondheim 22/10. I think the summer festival gigs were also 3-man line-up. That would make the Darmstadt gig in May 2006 the last full gig with Oyvind.

    Jaga Jazzist also on stage at the 2nd Oslo gig in 2001, and Hasselt in November 2002.

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    The Norway Fall 06 tour was a Bent, Snah and Jacco. Those were the last shows with Jacco. Kenneth was with them for all 2007 shows.

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    [/quote]Anders, I'm quite a veteran, and also a musician, I can clearly detect what Reine does. I was in front of him by the way. My english is not so good to elaborate properly, so I probably exaggerated defining Reine "useless". His contribution is solid, but goes in a direction that is almost pointless to me, compared to the contribution from other people, Kristoffer, Storlokke or Baard, just to say.

    Consider that, in my opinion, the worst albums in the "after-Geb" era are Still Life and Behind the Sun, the two with Reine. There's probably a link


    Thx, BronYAur for making the point so well! Agreed on all counts.

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    @Bionaut: bent did an 'in-a-gadda-da-vidda' tease during one of the summer 2002 US shows. I recall it being in a 'my best friend' jam.

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    Greener was on the setlist between On a Plate and Manmower.

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    It's a lack-of-time thing ;-)

    I got a copy on audio cd (.wav) directly from the taper and it's got the 'TAO' 2 second gaps between tracks and there's probably some other editing to be done to make it a smooth running and seamless show. And as life is keeping me busy with other stuff, I won't have time to do that any time soon.

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    Yep, I'm here. And I got the recording.

    Where can I reach you offline to set something up?

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    @ Rune: Excellent! That 2007 The Hague show was something else indeed! Only 1 hour but they boys where spot-on! That Vortex Surfer is perhaps the best one I have seen live!

    Some vids:


    LLM Part 1:

    LLM Part 2:

    The very, very end of Kill Devil Hills > Vortex Surfer:

    All that, said; the pinnacle of the Kenneth years is no doubt this one date: October 20th, 2008.

    A dark, rainy Monday night in Rotterdam had the boys play the now defunct (I think) Watt Club in Rotterdam for an estimated audience of 400-500.

    The band started the show with a no-nonse, ready to fly, rendition of Un Chien. No intro jam, just the classic intro and 5 minutes later we're all in a collective space-out.

    Some 20-25 minutes later we catch out breaths with a smooth Year Zero before the Glow > Hogwash > Halleluwah > Howash sequence brings us to the same heights of Un Chien. Surely that Glow > Hogwash thingie they did in 2008 has some of the most underrated jams of the bands entire career.

    The Sound of the show is damn near perfect. Loud, yes. But clear as crystal, preserving the details in each instrument beautifully. And this being a Monday night the bar-hugging 'my-life-story-is-more-important-than-the-show' have thankfully stayed home.

    The band responds to the respect they get from the crowd by holding up the laid-back, grooving vibe throughout a string of songs and jams reminiscent of 97/98 to end the main show, and a tasty Little Lucid Moments as a 1st encore, all the way to the 2nd encore: a stunning rendition of All is Loneliness with a long outro where we find the band slowly winding down the proceedings until Bent finally closes out the show by repeating the title in ever lower volume until only a whisper remains. A heartfelt WOW for this one!

    The 5 min video highlights here doesn't do any justice to the sound but certainly taste like more:


    1. Un chien d'espace

    2. Year Zero (A damage report) –>

    3. Glow –>

    4. Hogwash / Halleluwah / Hogwash

    5. Taifun

    6. She Left on the Sun Ship

    7. Step Inside

    8. Vanishing Point

    9. Greener –>

    10.Flick of the Wrist

    11.Little Lucid Moments

    12.All Is Loneliness

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    Utrecht 1998-05-30 is also must have. Quality is a bit below the recordings Juergen suggested, but the playing makes up for it.

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    I ll play:

    -california dreamin'

    -on my pillow


    -walkin' with j


    -the promise


    And grindstone. It s out of place on TM. The grinding end distracts from the 3 beautiful songs on disc 2. And it s not as good as any of the metal songs on the earlier albums.

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    My motortrades account seems to have been disabled by an administrator. Any advice on bow I can get is re-enabled?

    My username is the same that I user here.

    Thanks :-)

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    I recall Go to California being more or less the short 3 min version when it's sandwiched in Cornucopia.

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    Walking on the Water and You Lied are the same song.

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    The band opened the Utrecht 2000 show with a jam>K9>Upstairs/Downstairs sequence. K9 omitted the last verse and ending.

    I remember the band starting the show with their backs to the audience and the first minutes being almost soundscape like and minimal. After about 10 minutes Snah played that familiar opening theme, and we were launched into orbit.

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    Partial list of radio recordings to kick this off:

    -Roskilde 93

    -Oslo 3/94

    -Rome 94

    -As 94 (3 songs only but are a real treat!)

    -Oslo 1996

    -Quart 1996

    -Oslo 1997 (also on AADAP deluxe box)

    -Stavanger 1998

    -Oslo 4/2000

    -Oslo 2001

    and also these internet live streams:

    -Lowlands festival NL 2000

    -Tilburg 2001

    -Amsterdam 11/2002 (full show; partial show released on Haircuts dvd as RW3)

    This covers the very best that's out there. More radio shows up to 2002 are in circulation but some have issues with degraded sound while others capture the boys on not-so-hot nights

    For 2004 onwards shows I can only think of Oya 2006 as a full radio show, and that one is only about an hour. There are probably partial radio recordings as well from those years. Anyone care to list those?

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