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    @Punj Lizard. Oh, didn’t know! That would have been a very nice combination to see them sharing the stage. At least from Anekdoten side I know how much they admire MP and usually at least Peter and Nicolas are attending the concerts in Stockholm. Still, if you ever have seen Motorpsycho play Schlachthof Bremen, 013 Tilburg, Dornrosje Nijmegen etc. you’ll get the point about Sweden. I mean, there are so many great Norwegian bands on Rune Grammofon alone, not even mentioning all the other excellent jazz and rock bands that simply don’t play Sweden for whatever (or maybe the same) reason.

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    Best Hogwash in years on a rather mediocre show, playlist, sound and audience wise! I was hoping/wishing for a much more trilogy oriented gig with some King Rock and Back Catalog goodies. Compared to my last Pre-COVID MP show in Frankfurt 2019 the set list didn’t do justice. And in all respect; Sweden even with 50% swedes in the band stays a rather strange ground for the band. As always a very talkative and non attentive crowd in a with 200 people not even half filled place, considering the 15,-€ entry bargain (last show I remember paying less than twenty bucks must be in the late nineties!). However some moments of pure MP bliss occurred and all that was audible from Fiske was psychedelic heaven for my ears. Järmyr kills it as always and still I would prefer him in the back of the band stand. His drum sound creates a kind of a war zone when he really starts to fire it up. My only gig for this tour still worth the 7h car ride. I hope the COVID paranoia settles a bit before entering Germany so that you guys will have a more intimate and joyful ride through Europe. Ride on!

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    🤔Isn’t there something missing on that setlist??? Fantastic show and great sound.

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    Swedish Prog Rock Heroes from early 70’s

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    Got my box last week. It has been as well damaged by transport and/or due to bad packaging. Nevermind; I complained to and got assured a new (empty) box. However I seemed to be the only one complaining about it so far and I think its a good idea to give some feedback about packaging, customs etc. The books are a disapointment and practically unreadable.

    Good lesson though since I got reminded of my own collector greed. Also getting a bit tired of all the pre order special editions that many times get delayed due to overbooked pressing plants. Missing the times when I would happily come home from the local record shop with a bag full of vinyl not knowing shit about 1st press, special editions, RSD and collectors reissues. Guess Vol. 5 makes me forget all about what I’ve just written.

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    Three books, 3 vinyls and CD’s/BlueRay/DVD for 165,-€ incl. shipping is a bargain. We got so spoiled with MP releases and concerts in the last 10 years. 5CD boxes for 25,-€, limited 7” editions, Tour LP, vinyl only album, Effenaar aniversary release, books, theatric soondtrack and much more….

    I can’t believe there is a discussion about the price of this amaizing box. Don’t wanna spent money on it; don’t buy it. I know that All the money gets back into the music anyway.

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    Approaching 50 since 1997 in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Norway. Since living in Scandinavia the amount of shows might have not been rising as much as compared to living in Belgium/Germany before, but the luxury of gigs like Hovikodden 2008, Motorsilent 2010, The Unicorn in the Oslo opera house, Königsberg Jazzfestival with Stian Westerhuis opening for Primus, Oslo Domkyrka med Stale St or with Trondheim Jazzircheestra at Molde Jazz has for sure given me a different perspective of the bands potential. More to come…..

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    Thank you Hyena for the playlist; that's what I remembered as well. Can somebody confirm who the fourth member of the band was yesterday night! As I wrote before; I think it was Kristoffer Lo, the other half of YODOK, even though he surprised me with his mellotron and guitar skills. The track he played amplified horn was absolutely fantastic almost epic. I am wishing for a YODOK III/Motorpsycho split concert since I know how Dirk Serries sound and ambient skills would work for the longer experimental tacks. When announcing a guest I was first thinking of Reine Fiske or maybe Nicolas Barker from Anekdoten; both were present in the audience obviously enjoying the concert. Thomas is already absolutely integrated in the band and I am amazed how spacious and sensitive his drumming is with Motorpsycho. He leaves a lot of space to Snah and is in constant communication with Bent. Twice he even dropped in a little "Reggae" shuffle and many times his skills as a "Jazz" drummer were very present. With Motorpsycho it's like with Zappa; how could one choose a favourite drummer or collaborator as they all are great musicians. Unfortunately I will miss the German/Dutch/Belgium leg of the tour this time, but one can hope for return in 2018.

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    Sorry for the confusion (no demon Box!)

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    Nope; Motorpsycho concert seated doesn't do it for me and to have half an hour break after a phenomenal Chien de Space really killed the concert atmosphere totally. Yet, they really managed fine to take on the lead again after the break. I never quite understand why the Norwegian and especially the Oslo crowd always needs to be so talkative, something that would not happen in Eindhoven, Bremen, Tilburg or Brussels.

    Congratulations Tomas!!! What a punch that drummer has even though his drumming with Yodok III or Werl appears to me much more intensive and creative! I've taken on the journey from Germany or Sweden to See MP in Norway many times and usually I drove back with a smile on my face, exhausted and sweaty. Today I felt pretty bored on my seat and maybe Bent felt the same when he asked the crowd : "Have you already fallen asleep". Happy to have the chance to see them in Stockholm at Strand in a few weeks; than on the other hand, Stockholm has not been the most memorable city for Motorpsycho concerts. Good were the days when still living in Belgium, The Effenaar, 013, Botanique, Live Music Hall, Patronats were all on reach on one tour. After last years HBM tour 12" mania I was more than surprised and after 50 minutes in a queue also pretty pissed off that there is as only one person in the mercy stand taking payments by card and mobile!!! Unbelievable! Sorry, didn't want to spoil it!

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    18 Oct Debaser Stockholm!

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    Who else could have gotten the job!!!! Motorpsycho gets one of the best drummers in the business. Lets just hope that the almighty YODOK III and ZU will not have to suffer too much. For Motorpsycho I wish that Järmyr will do, what Kenneth did after he joined; to boost up their sound once again and lift them into new dimensions of the never ending psychonaut universe.

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    Excellent show and excellent sound! HBM is the absolute highlight and I am curious about how this sing is going to grow during the tour!!! Could be from Pink Floyds live from Pompeji. Already a Motorpsycho classic!

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