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    mister conclusion

      I also think that something like archive.org would be great. Especially when there is a possibility to rank the recordings by e.g. the sound quality. The qulity of the older recordings varies from barely listenable to just great. The communitiy could help to figure out the outstanding ones.

      My own collection (big but not complete) is about 320 GB already, so there is some storage space required.

      Does anybody know how much something like that would cost and if there would be any legal issues to be considered?

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      mister conclusion

        A few remarks:

        Yes, sometimes it can be a little bit tricky to find consistent song titles (see e.g. Überpilgrim or Victims Of Rock vs. Hell pt. 7 or Nothing To Say with the Mountain Jam). We had some discussions about these when we set up the DB. But your input is of course very welcome. Überpilgrim just needs some cleaning up I guess and we could rename Victim Of Rock –> Hell pt. VII / Victim Of Rock. But there will still be some oddities.

        I also think that N.O.X. should be treated as one song now that MP has always played all the parts. I guess we will change that. In the beginning this was of course not foreseeable.

        Tussler: I don't know. We just have no data field "artist" and Tussler is not MP. We can add the gigs and add a remark like "MP as TITS" but I am not sure. Other opinions?

        And please tell us whenever there are recordings we did not know of. These are easy to add. Somebody has done this already.

        General remark: It is very nice to see that you guys are interested in and actually using the DB. That really was a lot of work (kudos especially to Blashyrkh for the initiative and the technical realisation!) and this is a real heads up! As Blashyrkh said before, any feedback is welcome and will be considered.

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        mister conclusion

          @cloudhawker: yep. DB has been updated. Thanks!

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          mister conclusion

            @mefisto: Whoops, must have slipped through. I have added Sandnes to the DB. Please check if it looks ok. Thank you!

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            mister conclusion

              First tour stats for the nerds.

              28 concerts played in 2022 (including Arlon) so far. Here is the list of songs played during this tour:

              The Transmutation Of Cosmoctopus Lurker (20)

              The United Debased (16)

              Like Chrome (14)

              Lacuna/Sunrise (12)

              N.O.X. (12)

              The Crucible (12)

              A Pacific Sonata (10)

              Plan #1 (10)

              The Magpie (10)

              The Waning (10)

              Hell pt. I-III (9)

              Running With Scissors (9)

              Little Lucid Moments (9)

              At Empire's End (8)

              Greener (7)

              Lady May (7)

              Mountain (7)

              Superstooge (7)

              Upstairs/Downstairs (7)

              Cloudwalker (6)

              Entropy (6)

              Fool's Gold (6)

              In Every Dream Home (6)

              Psychotzar (6)

              S.T.G. (6)

              Spin, Spin, Spin (6)

              Starhammer (6)

              Überpilgrim (6)

              Whole Lotta Diana (6)

              Babylon (5)

              Bonny Lee (5)

              Cornucopia (5)

              Delusion (5)

              Kingdom Of Oblivion (5)

              The Other Fool (5)

              The Tower (5)

              The Wheel (5)

              Whip That Ghost (5)

              Big Surprise (4)

              Dank State (4)

              Sunchild (4)

              Taifun (4)

              Eagle's Son (3)

              Feel (3)

              Manmower (3)

              She Left On The Sun Ship (3)

              Ship Of Fools (3)

              Vortex Surfer (3)

              Waiting For The One (3)

              I.M.S. (2)

              Pills, Powders And Passion Plays (2)

              Sail On (2)

              The All Is One (2)

              The Promise (2)

              Victim Of Rock (2)

              A.S.F.E. (1)

              Bartok Of The Universe (1)

              Black To Comm (1)

              Frances (1)

              Heartattack Mac (1)

              Hey, Jane (1)

              Hogwash (1)

              No Evil (1)

              On A Plate (1)

              Rattlesnake (1)

              Rock Bottom (1)

              Stardust (1)

              Step Inside (1)

              The Maypole (1)

              The Same Old Rock (1)

              Walking On The Water / You Lied (1)

              X-3 (1)

              72 different songs. Impressive.

              See also https://mpdb.space/stats/tour/?tour=2022 for more statistics.

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              mister conclusion

                I think we should look at these verses in connection with the lyrics of s'Numbness.

                I dont't completely get what the song is about (what is this feeling, this urge?) but it seems to me that it deals with the doubts and worries that can occur within an otherwise fine and loving relationship. Bad feelings that might come (and go) from time to time.

                So even if the quotes have a christian background, they could also com from your Grandma telling you that you should not worry too much about that but instead believe in the relationship and the love you feel and to not give it up too early.

                Something like that. Maybe an overinterpretation?

                Put that together with Snah's German mother, maybe he recalled this quote somewhere from his childhood memories?

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                mister conclusion

                  Thank you very much suntripper, punknotyet and nicoot for your additional input. Highly appreciated!

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                  mister conclusion

                    Something slightly different (thanks to Katharina Falck from radioeins for playing music like this):

                    Mdou Moctar from Niger. This music runs under the label Touareg Blues and even if I am not that much into world music, this guy totally gets me. Pretty psychedelic. The guitar!!! Check out the album Afrique Victime.


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                    mister conclusion

                      Blashyrkh, I have checked the database and the recordings I have. The Wheel has been played at Forum Enger three times, once in '94 and two times in '95. I only have the recording from '94 where the wheel fades out after about 11 minutes. No recordings from '95 available afaik.

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                      mister conclusion

                        I wonder if buying the box set will also include access to the digital files, on CD or for download. I would find it frustrating if I had to pay extra for these.

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                        mister conclusion

                          There is something on dime. Not by me.

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                          mister conclusion

                            Meanwhile, Bernie has uploaded the missing songs (LLM & N.O.X.): http://www.motorpsychodelicclips.com/


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                            mister conclusion

                              To see how many times a song was played live check out e.g. the mpdb.space database:


                              MMS has been played on 23 gigs, the last time 2017 in Trondheim.

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                              mister conclusion

                                Just to add 2 more cents: apart from the obvious fact that MP have an enormous backlog of those "products of youth" we can all enjoy over and over again, there are lots of other great bands on this planet. As supernaut and JERO have pointed out, MP have developed over the years, they have become older and improved a lot as musicians. I still love to follow them on their way, even if some of the last albums don't touch me as much as the first ones did. They are still the best live band I can imagine. If you are missing the catchiness, heaviness or energy of the old MP you will find great, talented young bands out there, maybe the next MP are already on their way. Let us go and find them.

                                And btw after reading those first reviews I expect Kingdom Of Oblivion to be a chtchier and more accessible album than the ones from the Gullvag trilogy. That would be fine for me.

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                                mister conclusion


                                  I like to look at it from a different perspective. This all is not about giving privileges to those who are vaccinated. It is about the restrictions that are imposed on those who are in danger of getting infected with the disease or spreading the disease. At the moment this includes all of us. If (and only if) it turns out that those who are vaccinated have a significantly low risk of getting infected or to put others in danger, then the restrictions cannot be justified anymore and so there is no reason to forbid these people to have a normal life including going to concerts. And that is why such a vaccination passport can make sense.

                                  @the conscience and suntripper:

                                  This forum is definitely not the place to discuss any offside conspiracy theories. If you are completely upset about what Bent said in this interview then go and follow artists you can agree with. For Germany I can recommend Xavier Naidoo or Michael Wendler, they are on your side. But please stop whining around here.

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                                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994