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    Many people misunderstood the question, or to better say, my bad English made some mess: my intention was to vote the favourite vocal PERFORMANCES intended for the whole songs. Many of you gave me just a favourite "line", as in "verse"… Well, I just put the different kind of answers together: if you told me "You're just like me", I wrote "Plan # 1", and so on!

    41 different songs voted, 12 with more than one vote. Let's see if we prefer Bent or Snah! Here we go:

    2 VOTES:


    All is Loneliness

    Mad Sun

    Oh Proteus – a Prayer

    Radiator Freak

    The Bomb-Proof Roll & Beyond

    3 VOTES:



    4th place, 4 votes: PLAN # 1

    3rd place, 5 votes: SERPENTINE

    2nd place, 6 votes: THE GOLDEN CORE


    VORTEX SURFER with 9 votes!

    Well, I thought it would have been a duel between TGC and VS, I'm quite surprised for the low quantity of votes taken by Snah, even though there are a lot of snah's song with 1 vote… And of all those songs I wouldn't have expected Serpentine with so many votes!

    Best vote is the one to "Motorhead Mama"!

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    The Bent's favourite Poll, of course… (?)

    MP fans like the Bass more than anything else: only one voter didn't give his list, making this category the most voted among "instruments" categories.

    39 songs voted, but only 13 made it to 2 votes or more. Let's see who are they:

    2 VOTES:

    Gullible's Travails

    Kill Some Day

    Pills, Powders and Passionplays

    Sinful, Wind-Borne

    3 VOTES:


    Demon Box

    Radiator Freak



    4th position, 4 Votes: SUPERSTOOGE

    3rd position, 5 Votes: THE HOLLOW LANDS (!!!)

    2nd position, 6 Votes: THE WHEEL


    WALKING ON THE WATER with 8 votes!

    Very surprised to see the Hollow Lands on the podium, it's surrounded by three very classic bass riffs. Coincidence: they're all on Roadwork 1!

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    43 "performances" have received votes in this section, but only 12 received more than 1 vote. Note that the same song may have been voted for different reasons. This happened for example to the Golden Core, voted for the Mellotrone, the Xylofone and Anneli's vocals: I considered them as 3 different performances! Also, the performer may have been voted without specifying a particular song, as you will see…

    2 VOTES went to 9 performances:

    Baard live 2000/2002 (no song specified!)

    Flutes on INTO THE GYRE

    Sax on LA LETHE

    Matt Burt on PLAN # 1

    Horns on TAIFUN


    Violins on THE GOLDEN CORE

    Horns Intro on THROUGH THE VEIL

    Moog Taurus on WATERSOUND

    So far, massive presence of the latest album!

    2 songs got 3 VOTES:

    Orchestra on THE OTHER FOOL

    Jaga Jazzists on PILLS, POWDERS AND PASSIONPLAYS – Fishtank version, of course!

    Surprised for the Other Fool, very satisfied for PPPP!



    25% of the voters voted Deathprod, no surprise I'd say… Let's see if the oldstyle MP will still prevail in the whole poll!

    I'll list the 31 performances at 1 votes later… if you will ask me kindly! :)

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    There are 12/13 submissions so far. Make this poll a BIG poll!

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    I recommend to all the participants to sign with their nickname, so that I can write down the list of the participants at the end of the poll!

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    Votes are starting to fill my mailbox! Great!

    I see there is some little misunderstanding on some questions, but nothing I can't manage, I suppose…

    About the cover songs, well, I skipped a poll about cover songs probably because ten years ago the results were very confused (people not sure about what was a cover and what not) and I TOO was confused… 10 years and 300 songs later, I suppose confusion would be triple!

    Tomorrow morning I'll see if I can do something about that…

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    No no, Barracuda comparsion is just my PERSONAL feeling!

    The reason why COTF is not "regular" is that it's just been released on vinyl, and I'm not changing mind about that…

    Lobotomizer is simply the first album of a band who at the time didn't think would have built their career on huge double/triple LPs…

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    I'm a Vinyl maniac, Supernaut! But nonetheless, CotF is particular, and cannot be considered in the line of the "proper normal albums". The oddity of this album, apart for the Steve Albini production, is exactly the choice of cutting off the most popular support. And though it is not a real staple for hardcore fans like me and you, it IS for many other people, as many discussions in this forum have shown!

    I personally consider CotF like a Barracuda-2: same number of songs, just a little bit longer, a lot of rockandroll!

    This said, consider that putting CotF among the "other" releases will probably result in good news for it! I dunno how many people would vote it among the three best albums!

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    This is a sad day….

    But I knew this day eventually would come…

    the day when I bought a motorpsycho record – regretting afterwards…

    Oh, it happened to me 10 years ago with the unlistenable ItsaLoveCult, but I'm still alive!

    That´s what they did with have spacesuit will travel and roadwork 2, terrible music…

    Which demonstrates that tastes are tastes.

    the thing I can´t forgive them is to do miserable attempts once more to make a fancy jazz record


    I think Fishtank is fancy jazz, and is for sure the best thing MP did so far since Trust Us. Unicorn is not jazzy at all.

    …the unicorn is in my opinion the definite proof that mp have no future…they have run out of musical creativity and descended into a jazzyfucked universe to the point of no return…

    Apart for your concept of "jazzyfucked universe" (which is totally off the way), I see your point and I agree about musical creativity.

    In fact, I don't agree with those who consider Unicorn a masterpiece. It lacks of the main characteristic of masterpieces: originality! No, Tommy is a masterpiece. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway is a masterpiece. The Wall, Tales from Topographic Oceans are masterpiece. Just naming the first 2LP concept album that pop to my mind.

    The Unicorn has nothing new and no inventions inside. Everything you listen in these 80 minutes are sorts of stereotypes of 70s rock operas, King Crimson prog (the bass/hi-hat change at 6:15 of Into the Gyre is pure "Larks Tongues in Aspic"), VdGG atmospheres (and the lyric concept itself, see "A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers"), and much more (uhm… REALLY, no jazz!)

    Our beloved guys know it VERY well! Since they found Kenneth, they're living a new "youth", and they really seem like "playing" their favourite game, creating these epic, pretentious, overlong jamming songs, using funny titles for almost everything, and closing this prog trilogy with the most PROGGY thing that popped in their minds.

    New masterpieces? C'mon, they're 43, I can't think of anyone starting creating masterpieces at 43 (except Carl Barks). The HUGE contribution of MP to music history starts with Demon Box and ends with Trust Us. Mr Nelson wants the "beautiful pop ballads" while I'm so glad they abandoned that "Cake/Thyme/Cult" shit to do some ROCK. They don't do anything new, but they do it fuckin' good, which is a very good point when you're publishing your 14th album! And as long as the quality of their live performances are the same of the 25 concerts I witnessed so far, well, they can really publish ANYTHING they want!

    P.S.: Side 3 of Unicorn IS A MASTERPIECE. I consider it the only piece of music produced by MP that is at "Trust Us" level since '98!

    On the other hand, Side 4 is horrible: Sharks is boring, Mutiny is very very very BAD, and the closing resume "Into the Mystic" (other than being so obvious) is quite useless… Considering that I saw many positive comments to Mutiny and many negative comments on La Lethe, that's what I mean with "tastes are tastes"!

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    "They don't ever play the same songs the same way everynight, do they?"

    It's not only a matter of "order" in the setlist… you really can NEVER say what songs they will play every night.

    I think I'll attend only one show this year if they really intend to make their "The Wall" tour…

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    "Bent says in the interview that they will play the record end to end on every show and possibly misc. encores. "

    I hope he's kiddin'… what's the fun in a MP concert if you know the whole setlist yet?

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    Motorpsycho at BLOOM???

    Are they crazy? I love Bloom (I've played there many times and witnessed great concerts) but it's TOO SMALL, as proved in the good ol' 1998, when more than half of the audience remained out of the venue. The last Milan show quite filled the Live Club, which is quite big… Better book the ticket in advance…

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    Great Job, dear nerd-mate!

    Some corrections:

    A Memory

    Played 3 times in 1990 and an acoustic version in Spelle 1994-12-03

    There is a mysterious Split, or compilation, listed on discography of the site, where “A Memory (not Tussler version)” appears.

    K.T. & Me

    This title was included on the selist in Colmar 2000-04-13; no further information known

    may be wrong, but isn’t it “Tristano”?


    Played 4 times in 1990

    Queen Chinee

    Played in Trondheim 1990-04-19 (1990-04-29?)

    These two are both on “Maiden Voyage”.

    The Trane Instrumental

    Untitled instrumental which was performed in 2001; the title changed on every show; the tune developed into “Dora Peach” in 2002

    Uhm, no… I remember them to be two totally different instrumental songs…


    Played 12 times in 1990 and 1991

    It’s on “Lobotomizer”

    Again, great job!

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    Talking about concerts, Snah used to sing on Grindstone live (i.e. Roadwork II), and during the last Geb’s tour he was main vocalist on LOADED!

    I don’t like him singing Greener one octave up…

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    “the info that the album has 3 playable sides makes me hope for some nice scratching on the 4th.”

    LOL, is that what’s written on amazon? Happy to know that my original guess about the three sides album was right!

    …unless it’s just a speculation by the Amazon user…

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