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    @magnus: youre one of those mono minders, right? The amount of brains you carry (or don’t carry) around must be the reason for your poor retaliation and yeah i feel sorry for myself, you are right, i feel sorry to hang out with peeps i’d rather not hang out with and to do things i’d rather not do, to coninually hold clowns down and shit like that.Yeah you are right, maybe i react like a little kid , please tell my mother when you see here and ask for me why she left 27 years ago and never came back.You ask why i can’t let go, i say i don’t know, hatred is like a magnet, i get attracted and can’t let it go after a while i start loving it.LISTEN MAGNUS,or whoever you are, if you had to go through all the bullshit i had to go through i’d respect you and never tell you what to do or where to go, i’d figured by that time you’d must have a mountain of experiences yesterday that guided you today and i would feel pitty for you if shit happend to you like shit happend to me, i don’t say you deserve the shit i’d go through but i’m just here to remind you to the fact that my reactions are real, i really feel like this and, do i hate to feel lost in violence and have to prove myself on these corners everyday, i’d wished i would have a fair chance in life so i can change into who i really am and not into someone everybody loves to see go wild’n.

    Sounds stupid huh? Well i feel really stupid too, i should know better, so yeaaaahhhh you’re right, but you missed the point i tried to explain and thas my view about the songs of motorpsycho, a view thas entirely different then yours and others.I ask you: can you understand my point of view or do you, like loads of others, ignore the facts i try to explain.

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    It sounds nice and ill all that shit thats been going on ’bout MP late release (cotf) but everything has been done before so nothing new too discover here especially after i read some commets about mp not bending over for their fans and bout how the band has not ever been influenced by any other and how they claim they would not ever be influenced by their fans demands….i say thas a lot of bullsh.t…again,

    like always.. mp is nothing new, not now, not in the future and some peeps have to be carefull what they say about mp they still kids man…ignorant and dumb to believe everything they hear and see….mp is going berzerk thas what i think..i think they lost it..completely…

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    @supernaut: you’re full of shit man!!! Like most peeps in here.

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    After i gave this one another thought i came up with another conclusion: i did and still do a lot of reading including lyrics of songs and most of the times those lyrics are inaccessible because the author doesn’t want to be very clear about the subject, he doesn’t want the whole world to know what he really means with his lyrics, he’d be more like : see what you make of it and when its silly enough maybe i crack a smile for it beacuse i don’t really care what you make out of it.I have numerous examples of those song types and everyone ones one of these particular inaccessible type of lyrics.Most of the times an author writes a song just to get rid of something what’s on his mind and he doesn’t care that much about other peoples interpretations.Sometimes lyrics are just wide open for everyone to see and the subject is eazy to get hold of and the intention of his message was for everyone to understand it.What is the case here with no evol? Is it written just because the author had to get rid of something that was on his mind or does he want the whole world to understand and get the clue here? Personally i think these lyrics are quite eazy to understand and don’t need a lot of rethinking what the subject is about.If you read the lyrics in a literal sense, word for word; not as an idiom or metaphor it isn’t that hard to understand the message behind these words.You either get it right away or totally get the picture wrong there.Fact is that the author might deny the true meaning of his words just because he’d rahter see someone else do the job at least that’s what i am beginning to think here and thats why i said that mp is more like a religion to me; you either believe it or not but the message stays clear.

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    No evol.Not a bad song but definitely not my fav not to mention Oya’s intro on this song.Three wise monkeys together they embody the proverbial principle to “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. The song isn’t that inaccessible much more a straight foward and honest song with a warning to one who doesn’t want be involved with the situation.Not much metaphors in these lyrics, plane and simple, this song i.m.o proves the authors involvement with the situation i mentioned earlier and his point of view.To me it’s about a really tough situation where one barely has the will to fight back and faces major resistance in his enviroment where people rahter see one leave then come.It is always difficult to understand the author because everyone has a different opinion/interpretation, nothing wrong with that.What kind of emotion hides behind this song? Was is the stange experience the author had with someone? Does the song stands on itself or is it written in the tail of other songs like My best friend, Year zero, LLM, un chien déspace etc…

    It is kind of weird and strange to see the authors storyboard and to see the author writing about someones life.Is it the authors struggle about knowledge and does the knowledge find its roots in fear.What has the author to do with his knowledge, should he keep it to himself or tell the world? I guess that is as close as i can come.

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    Self ingdulgent mono minds

    At all times my thoughts about MP the music and their fans where not that negative due to the hippy long hair flowerish lifestyle and image as well as their tail of flowerpower kids who always stood out to any other kind of people proud to be part of the ride on this new wave of energy and love that would expand in europe as a new and independent movement setting trend for others to follow up with similar point of view that would carry us all to a new level of muscial enlightment after the dark and depressed ages of grunge and commercial management, drugs abuse and loneliness.

    Now, the case as we see here on the internet shows us a very different profile of motorpsycho fans who not at all fit the shoe of earlier called freedom people (hippies), in fact most profiles we seen so far on this digital machine cube are more likely turned out to be the profiles of right-wing extremists who not at all care for one sec about anyone or anything different to them.The comments i’ve read so far are so phatetic and dumb it clearly proves that these minds have nothing at all inside but poisend influences of nothingness.The ones that claimed to be openminded are the ones that fire judgement beforehand, especially without sufficient evidence and show us to be nothing more then mono-minded people who will never have that desired democracy of thinking.The behaviour of the audience, the piracy of theft, the racism and inherent superiority of a particular race are all examples of a pack that denies rights or benefits of any reverse kind of membership.That is the real case here.This is the way these monominds seem to operate, disgusting, and it is this mono mind feel that makes me speak my mind and makes me feel brave and gives me something to fight for.These mono minds wouldn’t and couldn’t get the message even when motorpsycho said it to their face.The whole subject seems to be lost underneath the loads of critisism and no one seems to understand the situation here as motorpsycho has painted.Look at the song reports, most peeps don’t even seem to have any type of real interpretation making ideas more understandable in fact the only translation they come up with is a silly kind of comparence with sonic youth and all that which again shows us the lack of independent thinking and that is a shame for one who calls himself openminded.Now as for the ignore-button situation, that is another example of behaviour of these mono minds, anything that does not fit the pose will be ignored, right?, leaving a road to nowhere open for dozens other mono minded people to follow.This is how the big brawl started cause i ain’t the one who follows in ignorance.I am the one who stands up to this kind of b..ll shit and is not affraid to take action nore to say things as i sees it.I feel brave standing here alone, looking down at those false posers who in the end surely bite the dust, i am in my role here and i feel safe.I am not affraid when i get removed for my opinions because i got something to fight for while others have nothing to defend themselfs with.You are all ghosts in my opinion and in real life outside this digital cube they couldn’t stand up to me due to the fake imitations, in real life the truth will set me free and the lies will get to them, that is how i sees it and this will never change.You could say what you want or tell me this or that but it is all inside the cube, like i said before, if you got problems with me then deal with me and don’t be the coward that ignores me!!!!!

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    What a relief!!!, now that i brought all this shit to the table and said what i needed to say.About motorpsycho i just think they should leave me and the whole me subject alone and stop singing about me and stop making music about me.I don’t appreciate that, in fact it just annoying to me, and the reacions of peeps.I don’t care for this peeps, i don’t care for mp records or music, it’s just a friend who alarmed me and warned me about the whole situation and i feel responsible to act and stop the subject.And to some of the peeps in here, you know who you are, don’t come close to me!!!!! and don’t let me see you cause ya’ll just a bunch of pussys with pussy opinions and showed me many times that the only real man, the only real one in here is me.So as for MP, do me a fav. and please stop making music/art etc about me…..i don’t appreciate it!!!!

    as for rob…you pussy fag…i know you…you are the real loser!!!!

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    Now, regarding the song its musical structure and the fact of resembling sonic youth likeness i thought it was never really mp’s aim to sound like other bands, in fact i find it a bit of a disgrace for a band, who has been trying to achieve a band-own sound for years, to see others comparing them with sonic youth.The whole de-tuning, song structure and studio sound is entirely different and while sonic youth often uses “spoken word” in their recordings, mp just makes easy listening sing alongs which i have not seen or heard at any of sonic youth records.It’s kinda hard to sound like S.Y without working with their formula, just listen some of blonde redhead and you know what i mean.And i find Blissard not at all in its element between these kind of bands.Same for BH/BC.

    The way i sees it is as followed: Blissard is just an creation on itself entirely and purely original music thats written from peeps who at the time where to busy with their own quality then having this concern to sound like others.It has always been the fans own responsibility which way they decide their fav. band should be classified with regarding their sound.It much easier for us fans to nail down bands to other band-likeness so we can explain to others what we like in their music and which way we could do best to explain the type of sound the band has of where we heard it before.It is never easy to get hold of something new without comparing it to other existing bands.A bit of a shame while in most cases the band gets forced into directions they never have intented to sound like, look what happend at the grunge-hype, bands still try to sound like that today while they hit the charts for nr 1 aimened position.What if todays underground pride becomes tommorows mainstream hype? Will S.Y still make records when all charts are full of bands who have a similar sound? And who is responsibile for all this? My guess it’s just the peeps mistake the way we disturb the whole freedom of creativity.We obviously can’t live without making a comparence.

    To me mp is just a rock band who holds the talent to pull their sound in so many different directions that the only thing left to do for us is to act like spoiled kids.More evidence of a band who’s grown much more mature in time and has proven they don’t bother that much about band-likeness.

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    yeyeyeyeye, they really did that Rattle snake yerk thing? right after the blondie backstage blow-job, i assume.

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    It took me some time and some re-thinking about this subject before i came up with the next conclusion.The song to me seems different, not at all a sonic youth sound i heard here, this time due to the lyrics that tells the way the author deals with the gift to say what can’t be said.The nerve tattoo must be something like a thought from a state of mind that’s not similar to others and even tells us the stressfull process of recieving no recognition and other dangers of telling what can’t be told.Maybe the author also points out to the nothingness meaningless stardom-role most music artists live and the mental-poorness that comes out of to much wealth.The author could warn about the abuse he could easily fall for when one decides to use the gift as a way to attract wealth and forget more and more about the meaning of this gift to tell others what they don’t know yet or don’t want to know.

    That is why i think the song is not the same as many other motorpsycho songs.It deals with the authors own state of mind instead of the being of a other person and the way the author thinks he should be dealing with this.The author calls the nerve tattoo spiteful and divine, that’s interesting because it decribes a struggle that almost looks like a punishment when one doesn’t give in to the nerve tattoo that makes you live to tell.I think it is a honesty that the author tells us about it.

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    The nerve tattoo? Blissard.Another jewel from their fifth full length studio album where MP continued to work with their poppy pre-written songstructure as i’ve heard on early TM.But the energy is much stronger on this one where MP kinda combined their inner-frustrations with sweet melodies instead of the experimental innovations heard on DB.Blissard also showed me for the first time the kind of musical influences MP (C.S.N/Lynyrd Skynyd)used in their songs, Blissard was a something completely new in times where grunge dominated the whole generation.The lyrics could easily point out to the band’s experience of a powerfull surge of emptiness and solitude gone through in times where labels didn’t care much for these types of concepts or new associations by brave new minds.It could also be about, like TB said, the process of dealing with this creative urge.A indie classic? MP best poppy song? Maybe…but sure a different type of music heard at that time.

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    I wonder who this person is.Anyone feels responsible to speak up?

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    Now , what’s the case here with those numerous amounts of poor quality mobile live recordings on YT? To me it’s another slap in the bands face who tried to release proper and qualified live recordings of their own as seen on the roadwork cd’s.To see fans walk away with those poor recordings and putting them in obscure and sealed domains where only registrated peeps can see them is a shame to me.Pure piracy and theft, nothing more.Don’t go telling me to listen to their cd’s if i want to listen to MP cáuse that’s just another case of nerdism.No man, to see the way those peeps behave at te gigs and stealing their music and releasing it without the bands permission on the net is a sad thing.Always asking for the same songs to play at the gigs, obstructing the bands freedom of creativity, and now in the role of thiefs.Aldo i’ve not been to MP gigs for ages (last one was the LLM gig in Rotterdam,do) i’ve never had the sensation to steal their music and releasing it without the band permission, instead i’d tried to seek the bands interests of new music and comming up with original gifts like triana and stuff, music never seen before, and enjoying it to give something of what i think was a cool present.But i guess it’s not so original anymore since it has been done already, right?

    Personally and to me the whole illegal YT release stuff makes no sense and due to the poor quality of the recordings it also marks a bad band-impression which to me is pretty unfair to the band who has been trying to make proper live releases.

    The first time i heard Roadwork vol 1 was like being at the gig once more, a sensation, and do i don’t own that anymore (i don’t own any mp records anymore) it still stands out as the best live sensation but fans like this just make it pure piracy and theft to dump their recordings on sealed domains where only registrated peeps can watch it.You can say what you want but it does not make it for one minute acceptable for me to see peeps act like that.Again and maybe another reason for those peeps to dump their silly comments bout it.I wish i could just shut my mouth and forget about the whole thing but maybe it’s the nerve tattoo in me that keeps itching and makes me speak out over and over again.Or maybe it’s because i don’t feel impressed or threatenend by anyone anymore.I don’t know, but i guess you guys should rethink bout what’s going on inside your burned out little heads and what kind of consequences this kind of behaviour has, if it is not to much to ask.

    Now, same for the new lp release and the brawl about it.

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    That’s my defintition of a smartass, some yerk showing you the best ways to waste your time.’Bout the whole psychobabble realm, i thought it over a few times before i decided to do same if i would be confronted with similar future situations, the obscure confessions , if i could choose to share a secret or ignore to deal with it the easy way out would be ignoring this whole case but when i decided to share i also noticed the danger of being seen as a easy target for peeps with ridiculous uneducated iq ,regular smartass talks etc…as most of highly developed psychonauts confront (there has to be a diference,right?)

    thas why i gave obscure confessions, to protect myself from hurting another.

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