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    …looking forward to leipzig aswell, no matter what songs they choose, right now, the gigs are never “bad” or “dissapointing” at all ;)

    hi boomer former helm b.t.w., see you later!

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    b.t.w. is there any place left in some magic bus from cologne to heidelberg? :o would be cooler to drive with some psychonauts than to travel by “mitfahrgelegenheits”

    i’m so looking forward to next weekend, reading the setlist from BERLIN yesterday makes me very jealous, cause can the selection of songs get any better (???)

    see you all very soon :MPD:

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    in reply to: Fribourg 9.11. #15085

    Nice report supernaut!

    I must add: the sound (at least where I stood most of the time) was perfect and at some parts I really enjoyed Snah`s noodling, especially in 577 and Hogwash (the jamming highlights!)

    The new impro-middle-part in Manmower sounded like King Crimson (starless and bible black) to me, the whole first encores were really jazzed up and proggy or so…

    For me the setlist was just perfect, because it really was a mixture of all styles they represent and are able to play and it contained some of my favorites (Kill some day, Taifun, Ueberwagner – love the new version). and I was really happy they played SUNGRAVY, again the audience was not so quiet at this point…

    What I did not like so much: the new version of Ocean in her Eye (the singing was horrible and the effect on snahs guitar annoyed me in this song, I like the album-version much better) Apart from that: great show!

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    Hey danke Marc, ich habe es erst jetzt gesehen und hatte schon über couch-surfing etwas gefunden! Jetzt gerade bin ich in Fribourg unterwegs, aber mein Handyakku ist leer gegangen, sonst wäre es cool wenn man sich vor dem Gig noch getroffen hätte…

    Aber ich werde um 20uhr wenn die Türen aufmachen im Fri-Son sein und hoffentlich trifft man sich dort (Ich weiss nicht mehr so genau wie du aussahst, also sprich mich an!)

    Bis nachher!

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    in reply to: OT: 50 Albums of the Decade #13864

    This really isn’t easy to decide! But after some hours of thinking I’ve decided to make this list and have split it in some categories because it really depends on my mood which music I’m into at some moment…

    My favorite artists…

    Motorpsycho – Phanerothyme (2001)

    – LLM (2008)

    Johnny Cash – American IV: The Man comes around (2002)

    – American V: A 100 Highways (2006)

    Elliott Smith – Figure 8 (2000)

    – From a basement on the hill (2004)

    Bobby Conn – The golden Age (2003)

    – King for a day (2007)

    Sonic Youth – Sonic Nurse (2004)

    PJ Harvey – Stories from the city… (2000)

    the Mars Volta – De-loused in the Comatorium (2003)

    A Silver Mt. Zion – This is our Punk Rock… (2003)

    – 13 Blues for 13 Moons (2008)

    St. Thomas – Children of the new brigade (2005)

    – There’s only one of me (2007)

    Dinosaur Jr. – Beyond (2007)

    Calexico – Feast of Wire (2003)

    Post Rock etc/ Psych …

    Colour Haze – Tempel (2006)

    Baroness – Red Album (2007)

    Cult of Luna – Eternal Kingdom (2008)

    G.Y.B.E. – Yanqui U.X.O. (2002)

    Do Make Say Think – Winter Hymn… (2003)

    35007 – Phase V (2005)

    Salvatore – Luxus (2005)

    Amazing Retro Sound

    Wobbler – Afterglow (2009)

    Hypnos 69 – the Electric Measure

    Anekdoten – Gravity (2003)

    BigBang – Frontside Rock’n’roll (2002)

    Das Weeth Experience – The accentric sound of das… (2004)

    Mattias Hellberg & the white moose – Out of the frying pan… (2009)

    Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes (2008)

    Black Keys – Attack & Release (2008)

    Rose Hill Drive – The Earth is the new Moon (2008)

    My Morning Jacket – Z (2005)

    Wolfmother – Wolfmother (2006)


    Moriarty – Gee whiz this is a lonesome town (2007)

    Blonde Redhead – Melody of certain damaged lemons (2000)

    Dresden Dolls – The Dresden Dolls (2003)

    Nick Cave & t. b. S. – No more shall we part (2001)

    dEUS – Vantage Point (2008)

    the Notwist – Neon Golden (2002)

    Tocotronic – Pure Vernunft darf niemals siegen (2005)

    Evan Dando – Baby, I’m bored (2003)

    Music I listen to if I’m angry or/& I want to party with friends

    Blackmail – Bliss, Please (2001)

    S.O.A.D. – Hypnotize (2005)

    Q.O.T.S.A. – Rated R. (2000)

    At the Drive-In – Relationship of Command (2000)

    A Perfect Circle – 13th Step (2003)

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fever to tell (2003)

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    i dont know, i dont read this topic, but dont you guys just have bigger problems? I do have. so anyway. do as you want to. i go to sleep right now.

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    -…to cut it short: i always adored mp for their balanced songwriting (never too much,but always enough)….now it sometimes seems like “either too much or not enough”

    I agree 100%!

    I dont like the album after several listens and I guess it’s because I dont dig the new style of singing, which started on BH/BC and got stronger on LLM. And that’s mostly because MP seems like they want to make everything for several voices and my opinion on that is that it 1) kills the hooklines and typical sound of each voice and 2) I miss the “typical” emotional Bent-voice, like he still used to use on songs like “in our tree”, you know that sickly sweet feeling, which always reminded me of young childhood or playground-feelings. As I said, the jamming and instrumental style is alright, but it seems like it’s the main focus and the singing could be described as “added” after the instrumental was clear and that’s kind of bad (I think)

    in reply to: Child of the future #13175

    Sorry, dont have the time to write a review,

    but on one hand, I’m very happy with the instrumental part, but on the other hand, I dont think most of the vocals sound like typical motorpsycho. Don’t get me wrong, on record the vocals sound perfect, but it’s more some kind of Yes and it wont be possible to do this on stage…

    Anyway: In Whole lotta Diana they blow your mind (instrumentally) and Cornucopia is the most catchy song for me so far.

    My least favorite will be and is “Mr. Victim” (reminds me of Coalmine pony in a hard way)…

    in reply to: The 20th Anniversary Tour #12374

    strange… strange… another gig in switzerland appeared on the 9th of OCTOBER in Fribourg:

    I wonder if they wrote the wrong month because it would fit, if it would happen on the 9th of NOVEMBER?! :?:

    in reply to: The 20th Anniversary Tour #12371

    new date: 10 of November at Salzhaus in Zürich, Switzerland

    Have a look on their website:

    I will be there for sure, hope they might go to Centralstation in Darmstadt aswell, that would be nice :MPD:

    in reply to: Bukta anyone? #12677

    b.t.w. what about the festival-gig in drammen yesterday ???

    in reply to: Motorpsycho in festival paper #11878

    translation? ;)

    in reply to: New album! #11655

    JTR wrote:

    (yeah, i do own a record player; no i dont use it; no i’m not fond of vinyl besides the sleeves are nice; yeah, i will still buy that album; and yeah then transfer it to my pc and burn a CD!)


    but still great news ;)

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