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    Punj Lizard

      According to someone who posted a photo of the setlist on FB:

      The Crucible

      Song for a Bro

      The Other Fool

      > The Alchemyst

      Coventry Boy


      > The Wheel

      > Lacuna/Sunrise


      Lux Aeterna


      > Mountain

      You Lied

      Black to Comm

      Fools Gold

      [The photo had question marks after Mountain, but the poster says You Lied and B2C were played then.]

      Is there anybody here can verify this report?


        Wow! Favorite set so far, I would say.

        Just rediscovered Coventry Boy… what a mellow gem! That tiny chord progression around the 1:25 mark is one of the most subtle moments of magic ever recorded.


          "The Wheel" sandwiched inside "Lacuna/Spacerise"?! Can it be true? Someone here to verify this? Whoa!

          boomer former helm

            wheel?? in lacuna sunrise?? what a surprise.


            From this video there was a full Wheel (18m) and then they turned back to lacuna/sunrise


            simply amazing, that was I was looking for at the Milano show, I miss the wheel.

            boomer former helm

              wow, just wow… how cool is that…


                What the band says on Instagram about this show: "[…] last night we played the beautful, seated Cine Teatro Partenio in Avellino to an amazing sold out crowd. This was our first time in the South of Italy and we absolutly loved it – thank you all for coming out!"

                Theatre, seated and this setlist — sounds amazing!


                Hello! I Made The Wheel video and it was amazing! :)



                  > The Wheel

                  > Lacuna/Sunrise

                  Oh. My. God!

                  Gonna watch that video later!!!


                  "This was our first time in the South of Italy and we absolutly loved it"

                  Well, they actually played Sicily once, which is more southern… and it was the last show with Geb, back in 2004!


                  I swallowed my tongue.


                    WOW! What a setlist! Favourite so far for sure! Awesome!! :MPD:


                    I was there, It was amazing! Yes I guarantee that they played You Lied and Black to Comm. I stayed all the time standing next to the wall, dancing and singing. It was impossible for me to sit, but finally, during You Lied people got up and went under the stage, like a real rock concert requires an it was super! But i have to admit that with all the people sitting it was an opportunity to listen a very good sound! Strange but effective. And it was the first time that I did not travel for hours to see them! I live one hour far from Avellino.


                      I must admit I've gotten used to receive all these wonderful shows a few days later on DIME. Can get you addicted – now there's all these Italian shows and no sign of a recording. So Sad says the Psychotzar…

                      In fact we should be grateful for such a good documentation of the tour in the northern and middle parts of Europe. With last tours it just took a little longer until some Italian recordings surfaced.

                      But reading about that Lacuna/SunWheel makes me crave for more!


                        Now on DIME. Yahoo! Yee-haw!

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                      …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994