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      Another (or some same..) 50 great Albums imho:

      Absynthe Minded – New Day

      Admiral Freebee – Songs

      Aereogramme – A Story In White

      Aereogramme – My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go

      Against Me! – New Wave

      Amplifier – Insider

      And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Worlds Apart

      A Whisper In The Noise – A Whisper In The Noise

      A Whisper In The Noise – Dry Land

      Beirut – The Flying Club Cup

      Boxhamsters – Demut Und Elite

      But Alive – Hallo Endorphin (from ‘99)

      Chuck Ragan – Feast Or Famine

      Dead Man Ray – Berchem Trap

      dEUS – Pocket Revolution

      dEUS – Vantage Point

      Die Ärzte – Jazz Ist Anders

      Eels – Hombre Lobo

      Eels – Souljacker

      Gore Slut – Girl + Turtles

      Iron Maiden – Dance Of Death

      Jud – The Perfect Life

      Les Hommes Qui Wear Espandrillos – Für Eine HandVoll Euro

      Lou Barlow – Emoh

      Love Substitutes – Meet The Love Substitutes While The House Is On Fire

      Midnight Choir – Amsterdam Stranded

      Motorpsycho – Barracuda

      Motorpsycho – Black Hole/Blank Canvas

      Motorpsycho – Child Of The Future

      Motorpsycho – It’s A Love Cult

      Motorpsycho – Let Them Eat Cake

      Motorpsycho – Little Lucid Moments

      Motorpsycho + Cowboys – Motorpsycho Presents The International Tussler Society

      Motorpsycho & Jaga Jazzist – In The Fishtank

      Normahl – Das Ist Punk

      Notwist – Neon Golden

      O.S.A. – Oresus Og Nesegrus

      Pelzig – Safe In It’s Place

      Rancid – Let The Dominoes Fall

      Roudy Trouvé – A Collection Of Rather Quiet Songs Recorded Between 1999&2002

      Roudy Trouvé Sextet – 2002-2003

      Shout Out Louds – Our Ill Wills

      Sonic Youth – Rather Ripped

      Sparta – Threes

      Strokes – Is This It

      Thurston Moore – Trees Outside The Acadamy

      Tom Waits – Orphans

      Various – Alle Gegen Alle – A Tribute To Slime

      WIZO – Anderster

      Zita Swoon – Big City

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        It works out fine! Thanks a lot!

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          … for some hours there was the first place…


            Please mail me again, there was an error with my email-adress:



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                So, no chance with the Tiger so far, but a offer for The Waiting Game:

                (Will tell to?)

                The wasted years

                They hope that it would mean something more

                Pleasant treats

                The wasted words

                The waiting game we play for so long (now, here?)(so lonely?)

                Tonight go gently(?) to the world(?)

                Wish you kissed the tired (?)

                Love will be mine

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                  I tried The Ozzylot (Hidden in a girl). Feel free to improve the lyrics.

                  Stoned and blissful

                  I know what I like

                  Have you seen her

                  She shines so bright

                  Free means being free

                  Of the need to feel free

                  Where is nowhere else

                  I’m forever free

                  Sweet surrender

                  My time was good(?)

                  Nothin made me feel

                  Like I’m supposed to do

                  Tired seeker I was

                  Back to the world

                  Wish fulfillment

                  Hidden in a girl

                  How could I take it that long

                  I was lost like a (court?) on the (old …?)

                  It made me floating along

                  I was free but I had no motion(?)

                  Life is pure magic when you

                  Finally get it right

                  All I wanted was

                  To feel close to you

                  I won’t push it far to

                  Do what you need to

                  Soul and fire

                  Can I still be your friend

                  When it’s over

                  And we’re free to float along

                  And wonder why we’re free

                  I want you to be my girl

                  I want you to be my girl

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                    in reply to: Child of the future #13198

                      Length of the Songs:

                      Side A:

                      The Ozzylot (Hidden In A Girl) 4:30

                      Riding The Tiger 5:25

                      Whole Lotta Diana 8:57

                      Side B:

                      Cornucopia (…Or Satan, Uh… Something) 6:24

                      Mr. Victim 4:17

                      The Waiting Game 4:57

                      Child Of The Future 5:00

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                        Demon Box

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                          Try the webshop

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