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    Great setlist and performance. Unfortunately the stupid woman, who got up on stage at the end, was next to me for a big part of the show. So that ruined a big part of it for me.

    The Wheel was epic and Frances was a nice suprise.

    in reply to: notebook / laptop bag grey motorpsycho #35729

    I got a black one. But there is something strange inside of the lining. It sounds and feels like there som plastic or something in tiny pieces. Anyone else experienced this?

    in reply to: The Crucible (Feb 15, 2019) #34444

    Got the record yesterday. Great stuff. But reading all the bullshit about KK’s drumming….. oh man. How fucking stoned are you guys!?! :smoke:

    in reply to: 2017-09-23 Konserthuset, Oslo #30774

    Tomas played some keys. Snah played guitar on the whole thing.

    in reply to: Eight sides mastered? New album. #30379

    @doglicksarmpitofhipsters: its a limited edition tape only available to those who are fortunate to blow they're way to the backstage aerea :D Or it might just be me being lazy typing om the phone and not bother to check my spelling.

    About the rumors? A bearded local told me in a secret group on the internett. You should join. Great fun :P

    in reply to: Eight sides mastered? New album. #30375

    According to rumors there is two releases. One regular and one sold at the shows. Let's hope they learned from last time and bring enough records this time :lol:

    in reply to: ZU on tour #30102

    So if you're a fan of a band tou can't complain about the fact that it will be a long time before theres a new concert/ album? Im not a moron i know that people have bills and families and stuff to take care of. But as a fan i'm disapointet about the state of things right now. I'm not saying that the new guy should tell his other bands/friends to fuck of im in a new band noe. Im just saying that its a bummer that mp is not playing a concert in the near future.

    And don't get me started about the new Spidergawd singel (needs more Bent and less Foo Fighters 😫 )

    in reply to: ZU on tour #30099

    Feeling a bit disapointed actually. Looks like we're gonna wait a long time before we can experience the "new" Motorpsycho.

    in reply to: AADAP Deluxe Edition box set #29729

    This sucks. Why do I even bother to preorder. Its been years since they delivered on time :cry:

    The plan for the evening was to enjoy the boxset and to continue to do so over the weekend.

    Can't figure out how to download from Dime. Used to be a member there before. Signed up now but when i find the consert i want to download i can't seem to find the torrent file? Any idesas about what the problem is?

    Edit: Do I have to wait 24 hours before im allowed or something

    in reply to: The webshop and lack of communication #27508

    Records arrived on saturday so it's almost forgiven. They we're sort my birthday present from my wife bought by and the plan was to play them on thursday that week. But got to play Phanerothyme on saturday without complaints, didn't push my luck and play Roadwork 2. 😁

    in reply to: The webshop and lack of communication #27490

    It was the she replied to

    in reply to: The webshop and lack of communication #27488

    Cecile answered today. Said the records shipped yesterday so lets hope they arrive soon 😊

    in reply to: The webshop and lack of communication #27486

    Used the address found in the paypal receipt, I'll tru the other address as well and hope for some answer soon. :cry:

    in reply to: Motorpsycho – Behind The Sun (new album 2014) #25803

    Got the record from Rune Gramofon today. Etching was a big disapointment. Could it be music/sound on the side with the etching? It looks a bit like it but im not sure…. And it was music. Ambient moody sounding stuff like they used to do back in the day as a bonus.

    Only listened to the two first songs but musicaly this is very promising. So no surprices there :P

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