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      Damn, that must have been an amazing concert. If there’s any way to find audience recordings I’d love to hear it!

      I freaking love TDDU and ELP, I can’t miss this!

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        Listened to it on Spotify.

        Honestly, I don't like the first two tracks: The Ladder is musically good, but I really don't like the vocal melody. Flower of awareness should have been an EP's B-side, on such a short record doesn't make much sense to me.


        Mona Lisa and Chariot are great! Yes, there's a few things that remind (a bit too much maybe?) of Pacific sonata, Intrepid Explorer, Here Be Monsters (the track), the center part of Gullible's Travails, and other long jams the band already recorded, but I mean…those jams are one of the things I love about the band, so nothing to complain here! :STG:

        About the Metal debate…aren't all you guys hating Metal happy as children when hearing Feedtime? :wink:

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          There always has to be something to complain about. Too loud, too jammy, too prog, too pop, too short, too long, not enough saxofones and vinyl only…

          So true. I find this record brilliant in each of his aspects

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            Haven't bought a copy of the record yet, but will be soon (I'm buying a new house, and strangely enough that got the priority over a new MP Record!).

            But I listened to the record on Spotify.

            Ooh my.

            I think this will be a good candidate in my top 5 favorite MP records.

            I really love everything about it, the only song I don't particularly love is "The Same Old Rock"…the rest is just pure gold. Alchemy surely had an influence :D

            I see many people love the record and the NOX suite too. That's interesting, I find it as "concentration-requiring" as TDDU, yet most people find that record boring to listen to…maybe I suggest these people to give it a new spin after this, they might change their mind!

            Going back to the record…the quieter songs are real jewels, very simple yet moving! Those really surprised me.

            I really love the other loud ones. Some of them have that Gullible's Travails like groove and epicness that really hooks me.

            I seriously never thought I could enjoy a new record as much!

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              You can search "Neanderthal", it's an early rendition of "Through The Veil"

              By the way I absolutely love that record, and i think the reasons why it is not played are:

              1-only a few pieces would fit as a three piece band probabily. They had Storlokken on tour with them in 2012, so that with some re arrangements they could play the whole piece…

              2-sing two guitars (Reine or Lo) wouldn't work either

              3-it's a concept album, it narrates a story, and playing just part of it is not entirely correct. As in the Orgelfest concert, they played at least 4 songs to narrate in a logical way both musically and lirically

              So I am afraid we have to wait another "featuring Storlokken" tour to hear some Unicorn live.

              in reply to: Roadwork VI – or "what blew our minds on Crucible II"? #36355

                I really hope Fool's Gold and Starhammer will make it on the next hipotetical Roadworks. Year Zero is another loved one which I hope to hear someday on a live record. Also Hogwash/Eagle's Son was a blast in Genova, very powerful!

                in reply to: Snah's pedalboard #36364

                  I couldn't see clearly but on the last tour in Brescia he didn't use his Scrambler but another octave up fuzz, I could not see which though. I think he still has his Strymon El Capistan as a delay but he migh have more than one on the pedalboard. I can't remember if he still uses a fulldrive or other overdrives, since I couldn't seeclearly I didn't bother too much. I remember he used a Moogerfooger pedal too, but even that, I can't remember if it was Brescia in the last tour or Genova in the previous one. I hope some pics will clarify my confused memories :D

                  Also, he now uses a Moog Minitaur with studiologic bass pedals instead of the classic Taurus 2 (which might be too valuable)

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                    Looks like they have fun playing Starhammer as long as I'm not there 😂 I hope some of these performances (any song) will find their place on a new Roadworks, I'm only reading enthusuastic rewiews

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                      Oh, I miss a good Starhammer so much ♡ last time I heard it was during the "Behind the Sun" tour

                      in reply to: 11-10-2019 Brescia, Latteria Molloy #36215

                        And my bald one next to yours and in front of Bent :lol:

                        What a great night! The setlist was really great.

                        In my opinion there were some highs and lows during the concert, but the lows still had an amazing quality, so there's actually nothing to complain! :D

                        Reine had a couple of short but very tasty solos in there, and his mellotron work was spot on. Unluckyly a bit low in volume from the place I was, but still I could hear most of what he did -and he did it good! :D

                        "Spin Spin Spin" was a bit slower than the other times I heard it live, so it was a bit "less exciting" for me, but still great, and "Hogwash" was massive!

                        Mountain was a bit slow, but the middle part was absolutely mind blowing.

                        This was the first time I heard "Bonny Lee", and I really enjoyed it, I'm glad it is on the Light Fantastic…

                        "The Cuckoo" is one of the fews songs from the recent years that I don't particularly like, so I can't be very objective on that one. But I noticed Bent had some problems with his Taurus/Mellotron setup (interestingly, from the first row both taurus weren't loud at all).

                        "California" was very nice, and as always, "The Crucible" was great. The noisy part in the middle appeared to me a bit shorter than the other times I heard it…nothing wrong with that. By the way, I think Bent's bass sound in that intro is just one of the best EVER.

                        A big surprise no pun intended) for me was "A.S.F.E.": I didn't like that song when it came out and when I heard it live on the Tower tour, but they played it amazingly and it delivered lots of energy, so now I have changed my mind on that. I remember something similar happened to me with "On a Plate", the first 20 seconds live were enough to make me change my mind on that one too :lol:

                        I really liked the old, mellow version of "Uberpilgrim", but this new one was great too, really glad they played that one too.

                        Snah delivered some amazing solos as always, and one of the most amazing moments was him breaking a string, changing its guitar during the song (I can't remember which) and getting a new guitar back right in time to start another mindblowing solo! :P

                        "Fool's Gold" was a perfect ending for the concert, I really hope it will end up on a future "Roadworks" record. They put so much soul in that one! The outro fading out was amazing, (almost) nobody said a word during that part, it was too mesmerizing…I remember something similar happening with the conclusion of "Here Be Monsters pt. 2" at the Magnolia concert.

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                          If we want to be super precise, it would be

                          Eagle's son>>spin>>eagle's son


                          Interestingly, they sung hell pt. 2 lyrics on hell pt 7 music…you could tell they were a bit confused on what to sing at the veeeery beginning, but from "it's your fantasy" everything wasalready ok.

                          It was a really good show by the way, even if many risked to miss it because the venue was changed on the same day and no notification was put on facebook, instagram and even the theater itself had just a small piece of paper saying it on the side of the building (not at the main entrance)

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                            Spin spin spin was part of Eagle's son and Hell was played in the middle of The Tower (and it was fucking amazing).

                            I loved the setlist, a very small venue, though it wasn't very crowded it was very hot inside.

                            Sound was in my opinion ok for such a small place, i could hear everything from my place in the audience. It got a bit messy in the noisiest part, but still good.

                            in reply to: Live Club – Trezzo d'Adda, Milano (I) 28-5-2019 #35678

                              Oh well, I must say that the Magnolia concert was the most epic concert I've ever been to.

                              Still, it's interensting how opinions are different for everybody. Me and a few other friends really think that Reine is a super nice fourth member, while Lo (which is GREAT, don't get me wrong) didn't fit that nicely.

                              We really loved his horn (flicorn? Can't remember the exact name) playing and the drone-y keyboard things he did in Un Chien, we thought that his guitar playing was ok, simple and effective to support Snah's, but didn't like his keyboard playing a lot, and felt his stage presence was a little "too much", compared to the rest of the band. Reine has a tasty guitar work, simple yet effective keyboard ideas and fits well even from a visual point of wiew.

                              Still, I want to clarify, Lo is amazing and the 2017 (or 2018?) tour was superb, thanks to him too

                              in reply to: Live Club – Trezzo d'Adda, Milano (I) 28-5-2019 #35675

                                Been there. Actually I really liked the show, the band was in very good shape and Thomas was really on fire, great dinamic playng, great taste. Even if I am a big Kenneth fan I think he fits the band perfectly. The only song I didn't like is "The Cuckoo"…but that is just my taste!

                                I had the chance to meet a very nice member of this forum too: mirai no maboroshi, a hardcore Psychonaut that really deserves to be called like that. See you in Genova!

                                I was in front row and audio wasn't THAT bad, but not so good either.

                                But I must say that:

                                1-unfortunately some random guys arriving later pushed me from my spot (in front of a small crowd PA speaker cabinet on the front of the stage) so vocals were hardto hear in a few parts.

                                2-since I'm losing my hearing at quite a young age I wore earplugs, so opinions might be different.

                                A few friends from some rows behind said that drums (drims!) were hard to hear at the beginning of the concert, others had nothing to complain about the sound…as usual, the right spot is the key!

                                I strongly defend Reine by the way, his playing is brilliant and well blended with Snah's one.

                                Funny fact: at the beginning of the Crucible Bent said "I have the feeling we're not in Kansas anymore…we must be over the rainbow!", A quote from The Wizard of Oz and opening line of all Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow concerts.

                                Not so funny fact: the guy that pushed me away from the PA is the same one that ruined the end ofVortex Surfer the last time they played here, pushing his stinky armpit against my face and shouting a loud, out of tune and out of sync "ABOUT THE PAAAAAAIN!" in my ear.

                                in reply to: On playing Gullible’s Travails #16962

                                  Hi, I tabbed most of it for bass, guitars, synth and more or less also drums, unfortunately the computer they're on is at my parent's home but I may find a way to send it to those who need it

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                                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994