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    It's obvious for anyone here. There are folks here who try to communicate and there is the ideologically blinded side that cannot see individual perspectives anymore.

    I, for example, never told you my political view here in the forum. But you already know. Prejudice seems to be a strong part of your liberal attitude.

    Go on "discussing" with yourself.

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    Nice and reflected move, @boomer!

    It is hard to react in an appropiate way when the allegation of facism is made.

    I understand the feelings for being excluded from live shows because of the regulations. I am vacinated but I am strictly against any law that forces people to get the vaccine.

    What I don't understand is how you dare to make the band responsible for that. However they may see things now, they will have to follow the rules to play live. Their opinion is not as relevant as it may have seemed.

    So please don't refer to this qoute from the past and make it responsible for your situation.

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    It is absolutely disgusting to adress these things to Bent and it shows how much you lost balance. Open a thread with this topic but leave the band alone with any accussiations.

    I feel sorry for your bitterness.

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    And his main source seems to be a fan, "let's call him Äxl" ;) Quite a nice appreciation, isn't it?

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    I wanna say tusen takk to Dennis, Ingo and Jürgen! This is such an amazing work an big effort of which we all benefit so much. I know how much work this is and how much time it has taken to set it up (and still takes). The database and Bernie´s documentation are the best examples for a living community with so much passion and energy. So, @Bernie, thank you so much as well, Into the Maelstrom is just wonderful!

    in reply to: 2019-10-19 Den Hague, Paard #36316

    Indeed I remember you and your daughter, Rune :) Please say hello next time. We really had a nice time after the gigs, especially with Martin ;)

    CU next time

    in reply to: 2019-10-18 Hengelo, Metropool #36290

    Happy to hear that, @TheVoid! For me this concert also belongs to the best ones :)

    in reply to: 2019-10-15 Frankfurt, Mousonturm #36240

    The setting was special because of the Norske weeks in Frankfurt. Lots of Norwegians in the crowd. The ausiance was passionate and respectful and the venue is a good one. Sound quality was ok. Song for a Bro is still developing and I hope you guys get that one in Leipzig and Berlin. On my Pillow was a great surprise. Snah on acoustic guitar and he kept that one also for a very niche Mad Sun. Lots of different vibes and tunes during a really nice evening. The Jam during The Tower becomes more and more special.

    CU in the Netherlands

    in reply to: 04-10-19 Braine-le-compte, Belgium #36163

    Granny ist online. Thank´s Bernie :)

    in reply to: 2019-10-05 Arnhem, Willemeen #36176

    Since I heard them playing Bonny Lee during the soundcheck in Braine-le-Comte it was my special wish to hear it last night. And it was fulfilled. Bonny Lee has an increadible energy live and it was great. No extended version, neither Light Fantastic, but with new or long time not played songs that´s completely expectable. They do more and more jams, as this night during Triggerman and Dreamhome. Again we could enjoy an endless ectatic run with Psychotzar through Hogwash to spin. I really like the Halleluwa tag which was much more than a short interlude. Spin within Hogwash is not the easy singalong, it is more a Doom version.

    The venue was a nice and small location in the strongly underrated city of Arnhem. I wasn´t sold out. See you guys in the end of the tour! There will be more surprises I guess.

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    I put up a piece of May Blitz as a video snippet on Instagram. You find me there as @thowelsch

    As always Belgium kept the promises. I love to follow the band here and no matter how strange a place seems it will always be special. Huge venue, which you never expect by looking at it from the outside and only few people. I was able to congratulate Reine before the show. Also learned a lot by talking to Bernie, who taped the concert. Thanks for letting me know more about the sound specifications on MP shows.

    Highlights were the noisy, jazzy and finally smooth jam in Manmower and the extended version of Song for a Bro. You guys would have loved that! The one hour lasting flow starting with Psychotzar going into Hogwash, leading into a very dark version of Spin (very special) back into Hogwash and without a stop into incredible Mountain was the best I heard for a long time!

    I love this band :)

    in reply to: 2019-10-03 Luxembourg, Den Atelier #36142

    After arriving at Den Atelier I found out that the gig happens to be at Rotondes. Very nice place next to the station. Not to big but very cosy. I stood right in front of Bent and the sound was surprisingly good. I agree with Spacebandit that there were some sound problems ins Bremen and Cologne. While I enjoyed Bremen anyway I had my problems with Cologne especially because of the setlist and some folks in the audiance. Throwing beer on stage pissed me really off. And Snah as well. Tonight was just great. I enjoyed my first Alchemist with Thomas, who nailed it. Little jazzy thing was an impro because of Reine´s pedal problems, as clencypu said. A nice premiere with Granny and a powerful Spin got me. The audiance was nice, maybe a little shy. They were so respectful during the quiet parts of Lux. The Mainset was very long and The Tower a great closer. Loved the middle part. All i all a great evening ;)

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    Schiff der Bekloppten

    The Jig is Up

    The Alchemyst


    The Crucible

    A Pacific Sonata


    little jazzy thing

    Granny Takes a Trip


    No Evil

    –> Hey Jane



    The Tower


    in reply to: Story. Geschichte. #35808

    In Germany we call this phenomenon "Sommerloch" (which btw sounds like the title of the next Elder-Song)

    in reply to: 2019-05-24 Schlachthof, Wiesbaden (DE) #35626

    Year 0


    The Other Fool

    The Tower

    Blueberry Daydream


    The Crucible



    –> Eagles Son

    –> Spin 3


    –> Hogwash

    Schiff der Bekloppten

    –> Feel


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